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Best Tattoos ideas and Designs

About us

IMPORTANT: We are a site that tries to compile all the information of Tattoo Studios of a Region, Locality or Province, we have no relationship with any of the tattoo studios or the people who run such companies or ventures. So this site is only a compilation of public information on the INTERNET, pretending to be a complete directory “All about Tattoo” but we do not recommend or have responsibility or co-authorship with any company or person who is dedicated to making Tattoos and / or derivatives. is a blog that aims to reflect something that we are passionate about: tattoos.

The administrators of this site are a group of people from Río Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina, with something in common, we are passionate about the world of tattoos, so we decided to create this site

that provides content to this site that we find interesting and illustrative in terms of Tattoos from around the world.

We also intend to be a directory type guide, where the companies that already have public information in relation to their Tattoo activity are listed, without having any relationship with them, only for informational purposes.

We provide ideas and suggestions when it comes to getting a tattoo without underestimating that the final and most valid advice will be from a reputable and serious master tattoo artist.

Enjoy the contents and if you have any suggestions, send them to us through our contact form.