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IMPORTANT: We are a site that collects information from Tattoo Studios of a Region, Town or Province, to facilitate the search for our users , we have no relationship with any of the studies tattoos or the people who run such companies or ventures. So this site is only a compilation of INTERNET public information pretending to be a complete directory of “All About Tattoo”, but we do not recommend or have responsibility or co -authorization with any company or person that is dedicated to making Tattoos and / or derivatives. is a blog that aims to reflect something that we are passionate about: tattoos.

Administrators and collaborating users who write articles and upload content to this site are a group of Spanish-speaking and English-speaking people, with something in common; we are passionate about the world of tattoos. So we decided to create this initiative to contribute content to the Web that we they seem interesting and illustrative in terms of Tattoos from all over the world; trying to describe each “artwork of ink on skin” in the clearest way possible for the whole public.

We are currently proud of what we have achieved, a community on Social Networks of more than 650,000 thousand people. These added to the people who find us through search engines add up to 300,000 monthly visits to our website.

We provide ideas and suggestions when it comes to getting a tattoo without underestimating that the Final and most valid advice will be from a tattoo master of good reputation and seriousness.

Enjoy the contents and if you have any suggestions, send them to us through our contact form.

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🈴 Welcome to TATUAJES Y MODA here you will find the latest trends in the Tattoo World ... Why?

Because this site is backed by a great community: the Fb Group T̴̢͎̺̱̣̺͙̍̂̔̀̄̑͑͐ą̵̫͇͓̝̞̱̞͐͊̈́͜͜͝t̵̤̦̆̐̓̾t̶̨̝̪̮̩̮͋̿̋̑̕̕๏๏s̷̀̀̉ 💮🈵☯️♑ with more than 600,000 Users. We collect (almost in real time) in an orderly way the information, ideas, advice, experience that users need and contribute on these topics:

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