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The Best 30 Creams, Ointments, Ointments for Tattoo Care, Revitalization and Health 🖤⚕🖤

The Best 30 Creams, Ointments, Ointments for Tattoo Care, Revitalization and Health 🖤⚕🖤

Today we are raising an important and relevant issue: what are the best means for tattoo care

And how to choose exactly the one that will acquire the durability and shine required . From frequent inquiries and responses from our USERS (More than 500,000) to personalized recommendations, in this article we will see the general healing rules, the best known methods and we will show you the best Creams, Ointments, Ointments for tattoos. Come on!

IMPORTANT: if you have doubts about the Health of your Tattoo or SKIN The first thing you have to do is CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR, the recommendations that we give here are based on the experience of the Users and are to Care for and revitalize the Tattoo, if there are doubts about Skin Health, Infection or other the first thing you have to do is consult a Doctor and not be guided by these or other recommendations .

1- 🥇 The solution most mentioned and voted by experienced users: Wash with Neutral Soap and apply Bepanthen Cream plus Sun Block (if exposed to the sun):

You can see it here 👇


⚠Bepanthen Cream in different Presentations Here 👈

⚠Neutral Soap Different Options You Can See It Here 👈

⚠You can see the best Sun Blockers Here 👈

🈁 TIP: You should wash well with neutral soap twice a day (one of those recommended above) and then apply Bepanthen cream, it is also It is recommended not to expose the Tattoo to sunlight, but if you have to go out in the sun, it is recommended to use a Blocker of those that we have recommended in the Link Above.

Here We Bring a LIST of 30 Products Recommended by our USERS in our Group of more than half a million People: T̴̢͎̺̱̣̺͙̍̂̔̀̄̑͑͐ą̵̫͇͓̝̞̱̞͐͊̈́͜͜͝t̵̤̦̆̐̓̾t̶̨̝̪̮̩̮͋̿̋̑̕̕ ๏ ๏ s̷̀̀̉ 💮🈵☯♑

Products Recommended by USERS VOTES
Bepanthen (regenerating skin ointment in various forms) 41
Neutral Soap 15
Vaseline 15
Lubriderm Blue Cap 10
Aquaphor Advanced Therapy 13
Eucerim 10
Vitacortil Vitacilin 12
Dermaglos 5
Vlanc + piur Tattoo Rehydrating Tattoo Cream 5
Sun Block 3
NIVEA ORIGINAL / canned blue 3
platsul-A 2
Adermycin 2
Panthenol 2
Idrocortisone 1
Betancor Plus 1
Crama de bebe 1
Pamedan 1
TattoEd Regenerates Hydrates Protects 1
Vitamin E 1
Tatto masters Protective Treatment and Brightener 1
Cetaphil 1
pasta lassar 1
Neobatin 1
INK D Tattoo Care 1
Cicaplast 1
Pure Bee Honey 1

Some User Opinions:

  • Aquaphor the first 3 days after Luberdiem 2/3 times a day my Tattoo Artist says that pure Vaseline is the worst thing you can do to him.
  • Vaseline is awful, I think it has gasoline or something like that. Well that’s how he told me, I used the nivea cream
  • If the petroleum jelly is good but the pharmacy one that does not have its perfume, just use white petroleum jelly
  • I used Aquaphor 4 days later liquid Vaseline but those sterile and super
  • I always recommend Herbalife aloe gel, it hydrates you, maintains the color of the tattoo and heals quickly, as you can continue to apply after healing and in the same way the cleaning that I recommend is with liquid soap and not bar

Threads Referring to Tattoo Care:

The first advice: having chosen a teacher wisely, listen to his advice. Any professional tattoo artist will tell you in detail how to care for a new tattoo, which tattoo cream to choose, etc. Basically everyone has the same principle, and we briefly tell you how it all happens. Let’s start with the classic and familiar healing method: after the session, the master will cover your tattoo with a nylon wrap and specify when it can be removed.

After that, you will need to rinse it gently (never use soap with abrasive particles!), Apply ointment to heal the tattoo. If you are at home, it is best to leave the tattoo open and constantly renew the tattoo ointment. If you are going somewhere, the tattoo can be covered with a nylon wrap or cling film, remembering to generously cover it with a healing agent.

At first, it is necessary to rinse and use tattoo ointment frequently, but as healing progresses, it will be possible to abandon the nylon for wrapping or film and regular healing procedures. It all depends on the size of the tattoo and the degree of injury and your skin.

In addition to the traditional healing method, it is now very popular to use films like nylon for wrapping … Now we are not talking about them, so let’s briefly summarize the main thing: stick immediately after the session or after the first wash of the tattoo (it will be better this way, because this will reduce the likelihood of blisters due to release). of lymph, are used for 5 days , after which they are carefully removed and it only remains to hydrate the tattoo with a ointment or healing cream until the skin is fully restored, if it did not happen under the film.

Healing remedies

Any tattoo from a medical point of view is an upper layer of damaged skin. In other words, it is a “relative” of abrasions and minor burns. For this reason, many products in the pharmacy range are suitable for healing tattoos.

Of course, the tattoo industry market is ready to offer a wide range of professional remedies for healing and care, the most common are tattoo healing creams or ointments. Let’s talk about everyone today!

Popular pharmacy remedies. Pros and cons

As mentioned above, the very essence of the tattoo makes this type of injury (yes, it will be fair) “”compatible” with pharmaceutical preparations for the healing of small superficial wounds. And it is not difficult to find out what kind of ointment you can smear on a tattoo: the variety is very large. Here, the leading positions are occupied by funds used for minor abrasions and burns: Pantenol and Bepanten. They have the same active principle, but in Bepanten their content is higher , so on the question of how to smear a tattoo is more effective. There are also several analogues: for example, Traumeel S or Solcoseryl. All of them are famous for their anti-inflammatory effect and are applied in a thin layer on the skin, increasing the speed of its regeneration.

The main advantage of these funds is that they are licensed drugs, they are under control and have a 100% safe composition. However, there are also downsides. The main one is the very principle of healing, or rather, the acceleration of the natural process of restoration of the skin. The composition of the known pharmaceuticals does not at all provide the presence of pigment on the skin. In other words, you are guaranteed an effective cure of Panthenol , Bepanant or other analogues, but the preservation of the tattoo is difficult.

Pharmacy products guarantee effective healing, but here the retention of colors and definition of a tattoo is difficult .

Another remedy that is often used in the healing process of a tattoo is Miramistin (its relative chlorhexidine still exists, but it is more “caustic” and harsh, so we recommend rejecting it completely ). It is a disinfectant. What is your advantage? Of course, it is ideal for rinsing a tattoo and also has a disinfecting effect. But the problem lies in the fact that this is not really a healing agent, but just an additional care for a fresh wound.

Also, there are tools that cannot be used with a tattoo at all. We’ll talk about them a bit later.

Why is it better to use professional ointments?

To begin, let’s outline an important point: a tattoo is not the degree of trauma to the skin that requires treatment (now we do not take into account complications and allergic reactions, because we are sure that you will not go to a teacher who will allow this). The means that are used to heal a tattoo do not and should not heal it. The body is involved in this, and special means only accelerate and support this process. Professional products contain the right concentration of substances that accelerate healing and also take into account the fact that the skin contains pigment. For example, they are not absorbed as quickly and allow less frequent “care” procedures and certainly do not contain substances that can contribute to the release of the pigment or, worse still, to its destruction.

It is also important to take into account the fact that, as a rule, they are cheaper than pharmacies and consumed more economically, which is a great advantage in terms of costs.

So what should you choose? We offer great tools for tattoo healing

We couldn’t help but take care of the availability of professional means for tattoo healing in our assortment and we have put together a little superior product that has already proven to be excellent. Looking for what kind of ointment to anoint a tattoo? Here they are: our best hairdressing experts.

Dr. Pro

This “cure” has already become a legend in the Russian tattoo market. It’s hard to find a tattoo lover who hasn’t tried it, and even harder to find someone who has tried but didn’t like it.

“Doctor” is a thick gel that promotes fast and effective healing. At the same time, it remains on the skin for a long time, which is very important for healing. If you still haven’t found what you need to apply to your tattoo, this is the perfect tool.

It is strictly prohibited!

Do you remember that we promised to inform you about the pharmacy products that you cannot use?

No iodine and bright green! They are tough and aggressive. The same applies to any product that contains alcohol. Forget about Baneocin powder too. It will dry the wound instantly and you will not need it at all.


Even if you really want to and it’s completely unbearable! Wait. Distract yourself with something nice. Why not? Because you hurt your skin even more. You need it? Definitely not!

Peel the scabs

First, it’s generally unpleasant. Second, it injures the skin, which is already in the active stage of healing. Most importantly, it can cause a scar.

“Note” when exiting

It would seem that it goes without saying. However, there are often cases where people just forget to leave, they say it will heal on its own. Do not! Don’t skip the grooming routine. Follow the healing so that the tattoo will delight you!

Conclusions and conclusions

It is time to take stock, and with the main one we begin this article: listen to your teacher! Remember that it is very important for him that his work looks good not only immediately after the session, but also after the healing, so he will not advise you badly.

Next, remember: drugstore products are good, but they do not imply the presence of pigment in the skin. These “helpers” can be a lifesaver and support, but for basic healing it is best to use special products found in our range.

And most importantly, don’t forget to take care of the tattoo carefully. Do not scrape or peel the scabs. Stay hydrated and help the body deal with skin trauma as soon as possible.

Good luck and wonderful masterpieces to you!

🖤End of Note! But stay a little longer 🙏!

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