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Tattoo pain map for men and girls: choose the place of the tattoo

You should at least look at the tattoo pain map before going to the salon. Having decided on such a crucial step as a tattoo, you should carefully study the issue of possible unpleasant sensations. For some, the feeling of pain can be unbearable, and this becomes a matter of principle. But beauty requires sacrifice.

Degree of sensitivity of areas

Feelings of each person are individual. However, many years of experience of the craftsmen made it possible to identify places that are more or less susceptible to the effects of a sharp needle. First of all, the sensations are affected by the presence of subcutaneous fat, as well as the accumulation of nerve endings in certain parts of the body.

Less sensitive

The client experiences the least amount of discomfort when drawing a pattern on the area of the calf muscles, biceps, forearm, as well as on the outer part of the thigh. The skin in these places is thick and dense. Rather large muscles are hidden under the layer of skin.

That is why these places are most popular among both men and women.

a large drawing on the chest

Medium sensitivity

The next places on the pain map for tattoos are the inner calves, the middle of the thighs, and the buttocks. The same category, despite the close location of the bones, includes the middle part of the back, clavicle, shoulders, as well as in the area of the triangle, between the neck and shoulder blades.

There are no large clusters of nerve endings in these areas, so the pain caused is quite bearable for everyone.

the girl looks at the shoulder blade

The most painful

Drawing on the body is a painful procedure, but there are places on the human body where it is very difficult to endure pain:

  • head, face, neck and pupils;
  • ribs, abdomen, groin;
  • folds at the elbows and knees;
  • hands, wrists, palms;
  • ankles, feet and inner thigh.

In most of the places listed, the skin is very close to bones, as well as in these places there is a huge number of nerve endings.

a man hardly suffers

In a man

It is believed that men are more prone to pain. This is due to the fact that the fatty layer is concentrated mainly on the back of the hand, as well as on the outer part of the thigh. The forearms and shoulder blades are also common areas for drawing on the male body.

nerve endings on the man's body


Even taking into account the fact that men are a strong half of humanity, it should be noted that women are more tolerant of pain. This manifests itself after 25 years. By the indicated age, the female body is literally overgrown with a layer of fatty tissue, which increases the pain threshold. However, during critical days, all nerve endings in a woman’s body stretch like a string, and even the slightest impact will make itself felt.

Map of tattoo pain

How to reduce pain

It is impossible to avoid feeling pain during the procedure. To ensure that drawing does not become torture, and the end result does not disappoint the client, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of experienced tattoo artists.

Well-being and mood

For many years there has been an opinion that a tattoo is not just a drawing. It should carry the deepest meaning and emotional mood. Having carefully studied all kinds of sketches, you need to choose the one that most accurately reflects your hopes and aspirations.

The next moment that will give confidence is the choice of a salon and a master … Modern technologies allow you to study reviews and view the previously completed work of the wizard. Having talked to him personally, even for a couple of minutes, you will understand for yourself whether you will be a client or not in the chosen salon.

Being 100% confident in his actions, the client will receive a guaranteed positive result … And from a purely psychological point of view, the pain will be felt much less.

fear in the eyes


A client with a low pain threshold will be offered an anesthetic agent, namely ointment or aerosol. Its validity period does not exceed 3-4 hours. Taking pain pills is undesirable. This can lead to low blood clotting, which can lead to poor engraftment of ink in the body.

If you plan to use anesthetics, then a couple of days give up alcohol and tobacco. They can reduce the effect of the anesthetic.

beats the tattoo on the neck

To what similar pain when filling a tattoo

The pain that is felt while filling the contour of a tattoo is comparable to a wasp or bee sting, however, there is no burning sensation after it. Feelings at this stage are considered the most painful, because there is a point work in progress. When the master goes to the shading procedure, the pain becomes more diffused. If the work is carried out close to the bone, the client may feel severe itching.

Once the procedure is completed, a burning sensation is inevitable for any client.

This is not surprising, because the top layer of the skin received multiple microtrauma. Competent care can reduce discomfort in a short period of time.

The tattoo pain map is mandatory for studying and for determining the place of the future drawing. Any impact with a sharp object causes unpleasant sensations or even pain, however, any manipulation can be endured. If the client is afraid of exactly these sensations, then the master should be notified of the concerns.

The process with the anesthetic will be much easier than if the client wriggles under the master’s hand .


For those who are seriously thinking about anesthesia, I suggest watching a video of a tattoo -master Dmitry, where he will dispel all myths about pain relief:

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