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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers from our users:

✅❓ Does my tattoo have to be similar to someone else’s?

🖐🏽Greetings from Tepoztlán 👽.
The tattoo is not a cap, shoes or pants that you see someone wearing and you want it too. Find the tattoo artist that fits the quality and style you are looking for, pay the corresponding advance for their services, talk with him / her about your tastes, your children, favorite colors and shapes, themes, etc. and he / she will be in charge of creating a unique design for you. Otherwise you run the risk of bringing on your skin a tattoo that did not reach the quality of the photo you saw, in addition to that you will have on your skin the story of someone else, someone else’s children and someone else’s likes.

✅❓Why does it not hurt to get a tattoo where it hurts others?

Much is determined by the individual characteristics of each body , therefore, the pain map of a tattoo is very, very dependent on EACH PERSON.

✅❓Do you get a tattoo under general anesthesia?

Not for ANYTHING !!!. Because anesthesia, even local, causes considerable damage to the body. If the pain from the tattoo seems unbearable, it is best to leave the tattoo entirely.

✅❓Can I get a tattoo while pregnant?

🚫Greetings from Tepoztlán 👽
I want to share a little information about tattoos and pregnancy. 🟩It is a question that I see frequently in many groups and here a little of it.
It is NOT advisable to get a tattoo during pregnancy, a tattoo not only has to do with aesthetics but also with health.
It is totally irresponsible to want to tattoo yourself at this stage. NO doctor would recommend that you get a tattoo while pregnant, NO ethical tattoo artist would make you that tattoo while pregnant. A TATTOO IS FOREVER WHAT’S THE RUSH? A CHILD… WHY RISK IT? Of course, nothing may happen, but there is a risk and as long as this risk exists, the answer will always be NO.
Tattooing stimulates your immune system and in any other case this could be very beneficial for your body👍, but speaking of a pregnancy this is different👎. One of the main risks is when you are doing the tattoo, during pregnancy you should not expose yourself to stressful situations: especially physical, since you are more delicate and glucose levels can drop very quickly in your body, ( this happens even without the need for a pregnancy, and it happens to men and women alike when they get tattooed) in the best cases it will only be a faint and a scare but in a very possible and probable case it could cause a sudden abortion.
🌿Another reason is that the components of the ink are made with vegetable, mineral, chemical and even animal elements depending on the brand, introducing substances of any kind to your body causes the immune system to release a torrent of other chemical substances to react or fight back, but in a pregnancy this is more likely to cause you to go into shock from an immune or allergic reaction – blood pressure drops suddenly and the airways narrow, making it difficult to breathe and causing the pulse to become weak or accelerated and this is not positive for the prenatal stage.
Another risk is an infection, if it is mild you saved yourself; But if it is serious due to a bad application, bad materials or bad care, you will not be able to be taking medication so easily to attack it, affecting your baby again. In breastfeeding it is similar for the same reasons as the immune system and the chemistry of your body will be busy healing or preventing anything regarding the wound and the ink instead of focusing only on what it should be doing. There are people to whom absolutely none of this has happened, but why risk a baby just for a tattoo.
Good morning everyone.

✅❓What to do if the pain worsens during the session?

The reasons can be many, from severe stress and panic attacks to anaphylactic shock and fainting. And in general, the pain threshold of a tattoo is different for everyone. If the client feels slightly ill, it is better to refuse to continue working. In case of an inappropriate reaction of the body, it is better to call a doctor.

✅❓ What ointment or cream to use to make a Tattoo Scar?

  • Eucerin la acuaphor
  • Nivea or Eucerin cream
  • Washing with neutral soap three times a day and putting on Bepanthen cream gave me very good results
  • Bepanthen
  • Vlanc + piur
  • Definitely Bepanthen is the most recommended, it heals quickly and you do not take risks, do not experiment with other types of “alternatives” so to speak, it may not be viable

User Response Thread:

✅❓Why choose between black or colored tattoo?

If you are making a tattoo according to an individual sketch, ask the teacher to draw it in two versions: b / w and color. It may cost you a bit more, but it will be easier for you to decide. By the way, a black and white tattoo can be easily done in color by adding new elements to it. If you cannot decide on a sketch for a long time, it is better to choose one that does not contains large solid elements; it will be difficult to “fit” them into the framework of the new drawing.

Much also depends on the teacher. If you dare to entrust your body to a beginner with little experience, then it is better to only do a black and white drawing, since color tattoos are the most high skill . Of course, if we are not talking about small images in 1-2 colors, but about large “canvases” with a three-dimensional effect. It makes sense to do such tattoos only from trusted masters with extensive experience. Because it will take longer and more expensive to remove a large multi-color drawing than a monochrome one.

One more point: color tattoos often require tone correction. The fact is that the black pigment is the most persistent, it retains the contrast with the skin color for the longest time. But pink, yellow, blue and other light pigments fade faster under the influence of ultraviolet rays.

✅❓ Does anyone know if I can get a tattoo while breastfeeding, breastfeeding or breastfeeding?

Taking the necessary hygiene precautions to avoid the spread of an infectious disease, the answer is YES, you can get a tattoo even if you are breastfeeding your child.
The tattoo ink stays on the skin, it does not pass into the blood, so in no case will it pass into the milk either. Your baby is safe. That was what my doctor gave me when I told him that I could get a tattoo.
What you should avoid is tattooing your nipple or areola, because in that case the baby could ingest any of the toxic products that are used in tattoos of course you should look for a place that meets the hygienic and sanitary requirements that ensure you the necessary sterility of the instruments used, in order to avoid contagion of diseases.

✅❓Is it normal for a two-day tattoo to actually come out ink?

  • Do you know what happens? That you put too much ink, you see a lot of relief, so it is normal that all that extra ink comes out, keep curing it 3 times a day and apply the cream recommended by your Tattoo artist
  • It is the excess of ink and it is fine but it is not so much what you have to expel, just try to wash it 3 times a day with neutral soap and keep it hydrated
  • It may be, don’t be scared, the first week is the most important, keep taking care of him and don’t let him get the sun

✅❓Is it really necessary to put Body cream on a tattoo after seeing the scar cream left?

  • It is recommended to use Rehydrating Tattoo cream
  • My tattoo was like this but I started using vitamin E super goodooo I recommend it
  • My tattoo artist recommended me to use lubridem blue cap that helps the color stay alive, I’m using it once a day not applying much because overhydrates
  • If you must use the blue lubrirdem and for eayos uv sunscreen
  • Use a special cream to hydrate and maintain the color of the tattoo; vacelin clogs pores

Thread of Answers in Face:

✅❓ Is it true that finger tattoos fade or smudge easily?

    • If they take care of themselves as they should be since they are tattooed on their fingers, they will not fade !! do not use chlorine or other solvents that can damage the ink, avoid scratching when they start to heal, use moisturizing ointments such as bepanthen, etc
    • Yes, they have to be touched up every so often due to the area they are in but they are beautiful

🖤End of Note! But stay a little longer 🙏!

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