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Lovers of 【Black】: Nails, Dresses, Tennis, Make Up 🖤🖤🖤

Lovers of 【Black】: Nails, Dresses, Tennis, Make Up 🖤🖤🖤

One of the most controversial colors is black. Some consider it too gloomy and mourning, others – elegant and noble. Of course, one thing: black is universal, it is equally appropriate at work and at an evening event.

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1 TOP 1 Black Cell Phone Case with saturn, moon, and stars
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2 TOP 2 Black Stitch mug playing guitar over the moon with white stars and hole universe background celestial black phrase I love you to the moon and back

Color in psychology

From an optical point of view, black is not even a color, but a total absence of color. That is, the surface completely absorbs the color without reflecting it. But psychologists believe that ambiguous personalities prefer black clothes: anarchist protesters, stubborn people, people prone to depression. It is believed that if a person’s favorite color is black, then he: Feels unhappy does not adequately perceive reality; you feel lonely, misunderstood; unconsciously protests against the established way of life.

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3 TOP 3 Black Nike Sneakers with logo and glitter sole in iridescent colors
4 TOP 4 Sandals Black high-heeled shoes
4 TOP 4 Sandals Black high-heeled shoes
5 TOP 5 House and Car matching Black color
5 TOP 5 House and Car matching Black color

Color in the history of fashion

For the first time, the black color in clothing became widely used in Spain in the 16th century. Furthermore, black suits were the luck of the nobility, as black dyes were expensive and only the wealthy could buy such valuable fabrics. Because of their addiction to black suits and dresses, the Spanish were even made fun of by crows.

91 Set of dress blazer wallet black ankle boots pendant moon
91 Set of dress, blazer, wallet, black ankle boots, moon pendant

In the 19th century, with the advent of aniline dyes, black fabrics became available. This led to a revolution in the world of menswear, men dressed in black and white suits, and this trend continues to this day. Although modern fashion allows a variety of colors. The women wore black as a sign of mourning.

93 MakeUP Black Nails and Lipstick
93 MakeUP Black Nails and Lipstick
93 Black Wedding Dress
93 Black Wedding Dress

The 20th century, with its wars, has led to the color of mourning becoming an everyday thing for many people. But over time, many began to wear black clothing, not just as a sign of pain. To this we owe a lot to Mademoiselle Chanel, who created her famous “little black dress”. Today, black is used everywhere in fashion. It is used in casual and evening clothes. Some brides even choose this color as the main color for their wedding dress.

97 Gold ring with obsidian-type Black Gem and small diamonds
97 Golden ring with obsidian-type Black Gem and small diamonds
108 Black Bondage style dress with leather straps and buckles on the garter belt
108 Black Bondage style dress with leather straps and buckles on the garter belt

For whom?

Every woman has at least some black clothes in her wardrobe. What explains this “national” love? Everything is very simple. Black in color: it is practical; always appropriate; slim perfectly; goes well with other shades.

But, despite the many advantages, it must be admitted that this color does not suit everyone. Works best for brunettes with flawless complexions and bright eyes. The complexion can be light or dark. But any flaws (wrinkles, pimples, age spots) black clothes stand out and emphasize.

We combine

If there is one color that works well with most shades, it is definitely black. The timeless classic in fashion is a combination with black of any shade of white. Such an outfit looks elegant and strict, therefore it is universal.

Young girls can combine black with pale pink, such a tandem of shades looks romantic. The combination of purple and black looks unusual, it is very suitable for both business ties and romantic ones. In evening outfits, a combination of black with silver or gold is often used. Both options look luxurious.

The addition of black looks elegant in blue; This combination can often be found in business sets.

Another classic combination is black combined with shades of red. This option is beneficial for everyone, it is used in casual and smart clothing. For a low-key look, a combination of black and beige is a good option. The combination with shades of gray does not seem less noble.

Bold and elegant bows include the use of black and yellow. But you should avoid things with black and yellow stripes so you don’t look like a huge wasp. The combination of black with bright orange seems to be life-affirming.

Fashion looks

Using black clothing models, you can create a variety of fashion styles. Business Images In every business woman‘s wardrobe, sure, there are black things. This is, first of all, a suit, with a skirt or pants. It can be combined with blouses or turtlenecks in different shades. To make the look less formal, you can use the details of the costume separately. For example, put on a plain tunic over your pants and combine a suit jacket with a sheath dress.

When creating commercial images, black can be combined not only with white, but also with pastel tones, shades of beige, and blue tones. A light silk scarf or handkerchief will refresh the look. Everyday Looks An infinite variety of everyday looks can be created using black clothes. As a basic garment you can use jeans, classic pants or a simple cut dress. Pair them with jackets, cardigans, turtlenecks, and blouses.

For example, black skinny jeans can be paired with an oversized black and white striped sweater. Let’s complement the suit with a beige bag and bright shoes, for example, red. Evening look An evening dress in black can be any cut, tight or lush, short or long. Many designers use black lace, sequins, beading, embroidery, rhinestones in the decoration of evening dresses.

It is recommended to combine a black dress with classic stilettos. If the dress is off the shoulder, it can be complemented with a bolero or stole. The short-sleeved outfit looks classy when paired with elbow-length gloves. Total Black Style This style assumes the use of only black in the suit. To prevent ties in this style from looking too gloomy, you need to carefully consider the details.

The simplest look in this style is created with black pants, a jacket, and a shirt. Note that such a suit not only makes you slimmer, but also clearly outlines the silhouette, so you need to make sure that things fit you well. To make the look more interesting, you can use an asymmetrical cut and leather accessories. This will compensate for the monochrome image.


To look charming in black clothes, you should pay special attention to makeup. The skin must be perfect, it is imperative to highlight the eyes.

Girls who prefer naturalness should wear black only to complement the look. A skirt or pants can be black, but not a blouse. In this case, a black dress is complemented by a contrasting collar or a bright scarf is worn. Black accessories Decorations for black clothes can be used in various ways. The classic version is a pearl necklace. But jewelry made of yellow or white gold and silver look no less exquisite. You can also wear sparkly jewelry. Black shoes are considered versatile as they fit a wide variety of garments. Stylists do not recommend wearing black shoes with blue baggy jeans or any brown clothing.

Black ankle boots and boots are suitable for a variety of outerwear. You can choose tights for these shoes, both dark and flesh-colored. The black bag is no less versatile. Depending on the shape, this detail can complement a business, casual or evening look. It is important to support the color of the bag with some details: gloves, shoes, jewelry.

Star choice

Many famous personalities prefer to wear black in clothes not only in everyday life, but also choose outfits of this shade for the most solemn events.

So, for the Oscars 2016 ceremony, Kate Winslet, Juliana Moore, Dennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Garner chose black dresses.

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