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Beautiful Bustier, Corsets, Tops【+ 25 Beautiful ideas for this Season】🖤🖤🖤

Collage Bustiers

Bustier: upper part of the bodice

A bustier top is a type of female garment that combines corset, bra and blouse. Bustiers give the image of femininity, romance and emphasize the shape. They can be worn with skirts, pants, jeans and shorts. The bustier also looks great with high-waisted products.

277 Beautiful white Bustier with shiny white rhinestones and white flowers
277 Beautiful white Bustier with sparkling white rhinestones and white flowers

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Materials for sewing bustiers

Today, a variety of fabrics are used to sew bustiers. The most common of them:

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Atlas
  • Linen
  • Leather
  • Polipiel
  • Trousers
  • Polyester
  • Viscose
239 Beautiful Bustiers one white and one black with butterflies in relief
239 Beautiful Bustiers one white and one black with butterflies raised

The origin story of the bustier top

Bustiers have gained popularity relatively recently and have become widespread in the women's wardrobe, especially among young women. With their help, you can create very feminine and daring images. Blouses with a bodice look great with skirts and shorts made of natural fabrics. Denim bustiers go well with distressed jeans and sneakers. A plain bustier top teamed with a formal blazer is perfect for going to the office.


215 Beautiful black Bustier with small white flowers
215 We have black Bustier with flowers little white

El bustier earned her recognition due to the fact that this type of clothing visually slims and emphasizes the chest. It is believed that the bustier has replaced women's corsets, which reduce the waist, but are not very comfortable. Corsets were first worn in Europe during the Renaissance. Thanks to its properties, the girls received an ideal figure in the form of an hourglass. For many years, this form has been considered the most attractive. But along with the reduction of the waist, the corset had other properties. Corsets caused a feeling of discomfort. They made it difficult to move, they were too tight around the waist, and it was difficult to breathe in them. The bustier, for its part, does not drag as much, but it does not lose out against the characteristics of corsets, but on the contrary, it looks more attractive and modern.

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210 Beautiful black bustier with metal straps
210 Beautiful black Bustier with metal straps

Modern bustier tops are undoubtedly descended from bustier bras, which were first sewn in France. However, many believe that French fashion designers adopted this idea from the countries of the East. After all, oriental dancers have been wearing T-shirts with an open tummy as a top for many hundreds of years. After that, bustier bras, due to their functionality, became crop tops. Woman, which today are worn without outer clothing.

167 Two Beautiful Red and black Bustier with rhinestones
167 Two Beautiful Bustiers Red and black with rhinestones

manufacture of bustiers

The production process of bustier blouses begins with the work of a fashion designer, because it is very important to correctly design a model according to the female figure, which will properly keep the shape and will not overtighten the waist. Bustier tops are sewn with low cups that lift the chest with or without push-ups. Bustiers are usually made with straps that are wider than a regular or strapless bra. The seams of these products are rigid. This is necessary to better support the waist. Also, special vertical plates can be inserted into these caps for the same purpose. The length of the top of the bustier can be different. Short bustiers cover the ribs and they reach the waist, the long ones, up to the navel or just below.

165 Beautiful beige Bustier with transparencies and black butterflies
165 Beautiful beige Bustier with transparencies and black butterflies


161 Beautiful white bustier with yellow flowers
161 Beautiful white bustier with yellow flowers

Benefits of bustier blouses

  • Correct the figure.
  • Visually reduces the waist, without pulling like a corset.
  • Highlights the chest.
  • Supportive posture, helps not to slouch.
  • Give the image of femininity.
  • Versatility. The bustier-top can be worn both without outerwear and on top with jackets, cardigans or shirts. It is worn with both sneakers and high heels.
  • Relevance. The bustier entered the women's wardrobe relatively recently and is now at the peak of popularity.
  • Frankness. The bustiers are great for a summer look, in hot weather they will be comfortable.

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149 Beautiful Bustier with bright colored rhinestones
149 Beautiful Bustier with bright colored rhinestones

How to care for a bustier top

In order for the top of the bodice to retain its original appearance, certain rules of clothing must be followed. care.

How to wash a bustier top

Ideally, the bustier top should be machine washed hand. Especially garments made of delicate fabrics, silk or lace, as well as bustiers with helium push-ups, since the washing machine can damage the material. To wash the top by hand, you'll need a bowl, warm water, and washing gel. After washing, it is not necessary to twist the products a lot, it is necessary to let the water drain by itself. If you cannot wash your bustier by hand, choose a delicate program in the washing machine. We recommend that you purchase and use special laundry bags. Do not forget to hold the products before feeding them into the machine. Before you start washing, you must separate the clothes not only by color, but also by fabric. It is not recommended to wash the bustier together with jeans or other clothes made of rough materials.

128 Beautiful black lace bustier with transparencies and gold embroidery
128 Beautiful black lace Bustier with transparencies and gold embroidery

How to dry bodices blouses

Bustier tops should dry naturally, without using a battery. If there are bones on top, then it is necessary to hang it in the middle, in the place where the cups are separated, in order to maintain the shape and appearance of the product for as long as possible.

How to store a bustier top

You can store the bustier top on a hanger or on a shelf in your closet so that the top of the top keeps its shape. Do not fold other clothing over the bustier.

124 Beautiful white bustier with red flowers
124 Beautiful white bustier with red flowers


Beautiful bustier with shiny rhinestones on a black base
Beautiful bustier with shiny rhinestones on a black base


Beautiful white Bustier with rhinestone flowers
Beautiful white bustier with rhinestone flowers


Beautiful Bustier with shiny metallic rhinestones and white pearls with black straps
Beautiful Bustier with shiny metallic rhinestones and white pearls with black straps


Beautiful black Bustier with black pearls adornment
Beautiful black Bustier with black pearl decoration


Beautiful black leather Bustier
Beautiful black leather Bustier

Question and Answers

  • A:What bustier goes best with a business jacket?

    O:To create a business image, you can choose dark and light shades of the bustier. However, very feminine or provocative shades, such as soft pink or bright red, should be avoided. At the same time, be careful to combine lace with bright shades of bodice-blouses, they will definitely not fit into a strict business look. Choose longer tops, fit like a bustier with and without straps.

  • A:What is the difference between a bustier top and a bustier bra?

    O:Visually, bustier tops, especially short ones, can resemble bras, but they are sewn from denser fabrics. For example, you won't find bustier bras made of denim or leather. And the design of bustier tops is more like blouses than underwear. A bustier bra is a bra with an additional strap under the bust, often made of lace or elastic fabric. This strip does not usually reach the waist. The bra is fastened, as a rule, at the back and has 5-6 metal fasteners. Blouses, on the other hand, are longer and can be zipped or made of stretchy fabric without a zipper.

Beautiful metallic green Bustier
Beautiful metallic green Bustier

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