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BEAUTIFUL MATTE NAILS 【+ 55 Ideas Images】💗💅💗

matte nail collage

Matte nails: 55 ideas.

This special texture effect transforms any manicure. How to make matte nails?

UNAS matt in sky blue and white lines
Matte NAILS in sky blue and white lines

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Drawings on the Nails: nail design for amateurs: many do not do it for fear that the result will look tacky. “Safe” in this sense, manicure – with an unusual texture. Matte, for example. It will also attract attention, because we are used to nails always having a lustrous shine. In this material we talk about which shades of varnishes combine best with a matte finish, and we also explain how make matte nails at home

UNAS MATE blue with colored lines
Blue MATTE NAILS with colored lines


There is no escape from this trend: in the coming 2023, the nails with a matte “finish” they will remain one of the most relevant and at the same time stylish manicure options. In addition, it is better to follow the trend in winter - it is this time of year that is the occasion to remember the original “knitted” manicure, which is performed using acrylic powder. It makes the nails matte, so the effect is more believable, and the manicure is “warm” and cozy.

  • There are other ways to add matte elements to a modern manicure. For example, if you like graphics and geometry, matte some of the lines or blocks of color in your nail design. Another good idea is to matte small drawings on a transparent background. For all these manipulations you will need acrylic powder.
  • You can do it without unnecessary complications; instead, cover your nails with varnish in this season's trendy color, then complete the manicure with a matte top coat. These shades include beige, Red, blue, shiny, black, pastel pink. Pay attention to those colors that are traditionally considered “winter”, and a little later - to “spring”.

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Collage Some Decorated Roses
MATTE NAILS sky blue and red with a simple shape
Sky blue and red MATTE NAILS with a simple shape


UNAS MATE beige simple and cute
Simple and cute beige MATTE NAILS


MATTE NAILS with cartoon face and turquoise green
MATTE NAILS with cartoon face and turquoise green


For a velvety finish on your nails, opt for a black polish and go from glossy to matte. The result will be spectacular and expressive. And you can achieve it in just a couple of steps:

MATTE NAILS with metallic gold and matt black effect
MATTE NAILS with gold metallic effect and matte black
  1. First, apply a base coat to your nails and then two coats of black polish, allowing enough time for each coat to dry completely.
  2. Instead of a top coat, use a special matte finish. After the varnish dries, the nails will acquire the desired matte finish.
    • However, there is a way to get a matte manicure it will be really velvety. You will need a flock - these are pieces of shredded fabric, villi, which are sprinkled on the surface of the nails with varnish that has not yet dried, so that the material is well fixed.
UNAS MATE black with shapes and reliefs
Black MATTE NAILS with shapes and reliefs


UNAS MATTE black with glitter polka dots
MATTE black NAILS with glitter polka dots


MATTE NAILS with metallic blue and dark matte blue tones
MATTE NAILS with metallic blue and dark matte blue tones


MATTE NAILS with transparent and leaf green nail polish
MATTE NAILS with transparent and leaf green nail polish


UNAS MATE with Santa on the thumb and Christmas motifs in pink and white
MATTE NAILS with Santa on the thumb and Christmas motifs in pink and white


As experience shows, the red tones, both bright and dark, They also look great on the matte “version”. Such coating softens these colors, which in themselves have a strong character. It will be enough to use a matte varnish top to achieve the desired effect.

  • But as an experiment, you can try to get a matte finish using acrylic powder. It is fixed on the nails after “drying” them under an ultraviolet lamp and is therefore ideal for those who are used to doing persistent shellac manicure.

Get inspired by our selection of photos! 😉

UNAS MATE in metallic burgundy and pale pink
MATTE NAILS in metallic burgundy and pale pink


Is it necessary to do a matte finish for those who have short nails? no restrictions. Unless you need to think about what the background color will be. Because some shades of varnishes reduce the surface of the nail. They are usually dark tones. But they look more expressive in combination with a matte “finish”, so you may have to make compromises for the sake of a beautiful result.

  • If you choose between different techniques to create a matte finish, it is better to use a varnish with a matte effect. Acrylic powder, although it provides reliability, also adds volume as a result - short nails will look more “bulky” due to a layer of such powder applied over several layers of gel polish. It is better to avoid it unless your nails are too long.

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Royal Blue Acrylic Collage 1
MATTE UNAS in beige white and stone gray
MATTE NAILS in beige white and stone gray

What does it mean to trust when creating a matte finish?

  • First, you can get a versatile matte top – Essie's Matte About You, for example, is well-suited for this role. Thanks to him, any varnish, the one you have in your beauty arsenal, can be made matte.


  • Secondly, there are colored varnishes that are initially matt. Maybelline New York, for example, has a collection of 5th Ave Mattes - the varnishes do not require a separate top coat to make the coat matte. Among the shades presented in the line are red, burgundy, gray - the colors of the “stone jungle”.
  • Si you like a persistent manicure, of course, instead of varnishes, it is better to choose acrylic powder and entrust its application to the master; then the manicure will definitely turn out neat and beautiful.


UNAS MATE in brown wine and golden lines
MATTE NAILS in wine brown and golden lines


MATTE NAILS burgundy red with cobalt blue waves
Burgundy red MATTE NAILS with cobalt blue waves


MATTE NAILS red vermelion and red
MATTE NAILS vermilion red and red


MATTE NAILS pale pink
MATTE NAILS pale pink


But if you let your nails grow, you can allow yourself to experiment more with a matte finish. You can make your nails completely matte, or do the opposite - sprinkle acrylic powder on the drawings created with shellac. Or, for example, paste templates on the nails so that the background is matte, while figures, stripes and other elements of nail design remain bright. There's impressive leeway in long nails, so more unusual designs can be brought to life with matte accents.

  • As for colors, you can not be afraid of dark ones - they will favorably emphasize the beautiful length of the nails. However, light colors will also look good, so don't limit yourself to choosing shades.

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Collage Design of Short Hair
UNAS MATE purple in different tones making waves
Violet MATTE NAILS in different shades making waves


UNAS MATTE gray green and tips in black
MATTE NAILS green gray and tips in black


Forest green MATTE NAILS
Forest green MATTE NAILS

Do you dare with a manicure with a matte effect? Write a comment and share 🙂 ❤️

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