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20+ PINK DYE IDEAS【Season Color】💕

Pink Dye Hair Collage

Not Just For Romantics: Why Pink Hair Is The Hit Of The Season

“I believe in the color pink, and also that happy girls are the most beautiful,” said the once famous actress Audrey Hepburn. Are you ready to trust her and try one of the hits of the season: her pink hair? See what fashionable color looks like, stylish coloring ideas and recommendations for choosing a shade and care in our review.

72 Pink Violet dye short hair bob cut
72 Pink Violet dye short hair bob cut

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Who looks good with pink hair?

Coloring, of course, breaks stereotypes about color types and makeup. However, this does not mean that pink hair suits everyone. The main requirements of such curls are expressive facial features, the absence of serious skin rashes and a tendency to reddening of the skin. A dense tone and competent make-up remove all restrictions at once.

68 Pink short hair dye
68 Pink short hair dye

Pink hair goes well with blue, gray, green, and brown eyes. There are no prohibitions on skin color, but for brown and yellowish undertones, it is advisable to choose warmer paint tones: strawberry u pink gold .

65 Pink haircut bob on brown
65 Pink haircut bob on brown

If you're part of the TikTok generation, write pink any way you want: pink bangs, pink tips, locks roses, pink reflections: all the variety of techniques suits you. If you think you've outgrown this generation, then the simplest thing to do is Total Blonde, or maximum blonde, starting near the roots. Start with a pastel pink. No need for streaking or contouring, be it a sheer faded pink or shades of bright pink or rose quartz, a pop of color. Then it will be clear whether it suits you or not.

47 Pale Pink hair color bob cut
47 Pale Pink hair color bob cut

It is important to understand that a Woman with pink hair you will never be without attention. Bright or muted shades are equally irresistibly eye-catching. This type of staining is unlikely to be suitable for a strict office dress code.

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Collage Bob Cuts Short Hair Colors 1
47 Pink dye with brown short hair
47 Pink dye with brown short hair

Beautiful shades of pink hair color.

The richness of the rose palette is incredible. You can choose your tone for any occasion and for any occasion. See how different pink hair looks in the photo.

Life hack from the experts at SalonSecret. The delicate pink shade will last longer if you use a special range for colored hair. Pay attention to Biolage ColorLast. The shampoo and conditioner help maintain the depth and shine of the tone for up to nine weeks and care for colored strands.

44 Pink dye Bob cut short hair
44 Pink dye Bob cut short hair

Light pink hair goes well with blonde in the format of different highlighting techniques. This shade of blonde can be achieved on pre-lightened hair, making it an interesting alternative to platinum and ultra blonde. If you are a blonde, then you can be sure that pale pink airtouch hair will look spectacular on you. Among those who opt for shades of light pink, women with the “spring” and “summer” color types have an advantage.

41 Light Pink hair color with short white highlights
41 Light Pink hair color with short white highlights

Life hack from the experts at SalonSecret. Never forget that the frequency of shampooing affects the brightness and color saturation of colored hair. You can reduce the pigments' contact with tap water with dry shampoo. You can't just layer it up morning after morning, because dry cleaning every day is not a good idea. Our choice is Tecni.Art Morning After Dust from L'Oréal Professionnel. An invisible agent absorbs excess fat and restores basal volume.

38 Hot Pink dye bob cut
38 Hot Pink dye bob cut

Life hack from the experts at SalonSecret. The ash-pink shade is incredibly capricious, therefore, without thermal protection, it is dangerous to dry your hair, pull it to brush it or straighten it with an iron - the color will quickly fade and turn yellowish. Whimsical shades - powerful protection! Kérastase Cicaextreme oil will retard the destruction of the pigment under the influence of high temperatures, it will multiply the brightness of the hair by six times and increase its resistance to aggressive environmental factors.


Collage Red Tint Burgundy Red Wine
35 Pink dye short straight cut
35 Pink dye short straight cut

Pink quartz

The beautiful shade was inspired by a natural mineral and created by Redken Global Color Creative Director and acclaimed hair colorist Josh Wood. The coloration in quartz is quite complex, combining many different pigments, from pink and coral to lilac.

34 Pale pink dye with light highlights short straight cut
34 Pale pink dye with light highlights short straight cut

Life hack from the experts at SalonSecret. As beautiful as rose quartz is, it is also short-lived, but the care suitable can prolong your life. Especially for easily washable shades, the specialists at Matrix created the Keep Me Vivid range. We recommend that you start to get acquainted with it with a gentle sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, which seals the color into the hair structure and leaves the strands simply dazzling and shiny.

34 Luminous Pink dye bob cut
34 Luminous Pink dye bob cut

hot pink

Life hack from the experts at SalonSecret. If you plan to regularly dye locks in bright pink after highlighting, you can try to help your colorist and yourself at home. According to the latest research, copper particles in the hair (which "live" in tap water) prevent the color from settling evenly. Serie Expert Metal Detox Shampoo by L'Oréal Professionnel has a unique formula that neutralizes copper. There are no sulfates in the composition, but there is glycoamine - it is he who fights metals that damage the strands.

33 Hot Pink Tint Short Bob
33 Hot Pink Tint Short Bob
32 Pale pink dye very short cut
32 Pale pink dye very short cut
31 Pink Tint Very Short Bob Cut
31 Pink tint cut very short bob.

pink red

Rose gold is all the rage not only in jewelry, but also in hair. The combination of hot and cold is a good type of coloring for both dark-skinned and “snow-white” girls. From lighter options with a play of shades, you can try peach pink and beige pink.

【Hair Color Ideas】 Short 🌈

Collage Color Ideas for Short Hair

Life hack from the experts at SalonSecret. L'Oréal Professionnel Blondifier Antioxidant Mask (main active in polyphenols from the acai berry) will increase the versatility of the shade, slow down its discoloration and quickly repair hair damaged by discoloration.

29 Pink hair color with brown bob cut
29 Pink hair color with brown bob cut


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