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NOSE PIERCING【+100 Best Ideas】


There is a beautiful and delicate detail that every woman has done or wanted to do, because these jewels are really precious. A nose piercing.

1. Types of nose piercings

Depending on the location of the puncture, the nose piercing can have different names: septum, nostril, bridge, etc.

► nostril

The nostril is a single puncture of the wing of the nose, it is considered the most common and simple to perform. Direct wrap jewelry is used to adorn the wing nose piercing, which can be replaced by a ring after at least three months.

266 NOSE PIERCING simple shiny rhinestones with gold gilt
266 NOSE PIERCING simple shiny rhinestones with gold gilt

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169 NOSE PIERCING Hoop with Diamond Star Gold Gold
169 NOSE PIERCING Hoop with Diamond Star Gold Gold

► Partition

A septum is a puncture in the central septum of the nose. Contrary to popular belief, this is one of the least painful punctures, because when done correctly, it is not cartilage that is pierced, but rather a thin area of ​​skin between the junction of two cartilages. For better healing, it is better to put a straight bar, or a regular or circular ring.

162 NOSE PIERCING Simple gold silver hoop
162 NOSE PIERCING Simple gold silver hoop

► Bridge

This piercing consists of piercing the bridge of the nose at eye level. It can be both horizontal and vertical. Due to the proximity of the bone, it is better to place PTFE material, it will reduce the pressure, which contributes to better healing.

► September

The decoration is located at the tip of the nose, vertically along the location of the nasal septum. It is quite difficult to make such a piercing, it heals for a long time and is troublesome.

► austin bar

Horizontal puncture of the tip of the nose. The central septum is not affected by the puncture. Complete healing takes about a year.


Ear Piercing Collage
126 PIERCING IN THE NOSE Violet Pearl with Ring with two spheres of Golden gold
126 PIERCING IN THE NOSE Violet Pearl with Ring with two spheres of Golden gold

2. Nose piercing jewelry

For all types of nose piercings, jewelry is used in various forms, depending on the specific type of piercing. For the wing of the nose, straight rods and labrets, rings, and nostrils are used. The nostril is a fairly old piece of jewelry that does not have a strong fixation, so it often flies off and is lost, so it is not used by professionals. For primary healing, only direct jewelry with a wrap is installed, the ring can be worn at least 3 months after the puncture.

For the septum, straight rods are used (for better healing), or circular or ordinary rings without stones.

Bridge, Austin Bar, and Septile Nose Piercings only require straight barbell jewelry.

The jewerly piercing they also differ in material. Titanium is considered the best, it is one of the most hypoallergenic metals at the moment. Nose piercing earrings made of gold, silver or surgical steel jewelry are categorically not suitable. Such alloys contain nickel, which oxidizes when in the human body.

105 NOSE PIERCING Tiny Hoop with gold plated sphere and three rings on the ring on each side
105 NOSE PIERCING Tiny Hoop with gold plated sphere and three rings on the ring on each side
102 NOSE PIERCING Gold with flattened spheres
102 NOSE PIERCING Gold with flattened spheres

3. Does it hurt to make a puncture?

There is no single answer to this question, because the pain during the procedure depends on several factors: your pain threshold, the type of puncture and the state of the body. To reduce pain, you should get a good night's sleep and eat well before the procedure.

The puncture of the septum is considered the most painful, but this is a small myth. If the correct puncture technique is followed, the cartilage is not affected, the puncture passes through a thin fold of skin between two cartilages.

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Navel Piercing Collage

Anesthesia is not used during a nose piercing.

4. Care and healing

After the piercing procedure, the most crucial moment begins - caring for a new puncture. So how do you care for a nose piercing? Immediately after the puncture, it is necessary to purchase treatment products - antiseptics in the form of spray Octenisept or Miramistin. Treat 2 times a day, do not use cotton swabs or cotton pads. In the first days after the puncture, the formation of blood clots is possible, in no case should it be torn off or collected (the blood will gradually be washed off with an antiseptic).

If the puncture is traumatized (hooked, pulled on jewelry), rub with baneocin ointment, 2 times a day, but use the ointment for no more than 5 days. Nasal septum perforation after trauma cannot be smeared with baneocin, it is treated only with Octenisept / Miramistin.

2-4 weeks to avoid vaporizing the puncture (baths, saunas, hot baths and open reservoirs are prohibited). After you shower, be sure to treat the puncture.

Do not touch or twist the decoration.

Size reduction (replacement of the primary jewelry) is done at least 2-3 weeks later. Nose piercing does not require a mandatory replacement of the jewelry base, if it does not interfere.

5. FAQ

► How is a nose piercing done? 

For puncture, special hollow piercing needles are used. If necessary, the master uses a clamp and makes a puncture, into which the decoration is inserted with the help of a cone.

► Does it hurt to get a nose piercing? 

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It all depends on your pain threshold, but the procedure is more unpleasant and quick than painful.

► How long does it take to heal a nose piercing?

It all depends on the specific type of puncture, but on average, complete healing takes 6-8 months.

► How to treat the nose after a puncture? 

Octenisept or Miramistin (as sprays). Chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, saline, or alcohol won't work.

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