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Tattoo Pain Map +20 Pain Maps and Explanation


You should at least look at the tattoo pain map before heading to the salon. Having decided on such a crucial step as a tattoo, you need to carefully study the topic of possible unpleasant sensations. For some, the sensation of pain can be excruciating, and this becomes a matter of principle. But beauty requires sacrifice.

Degree of sensitivity of the areas

Each person's feelings are individual. However, many years of experience of the artisans made it possible to identify places more or less susceptible to the effects of a pointed needle. First, the sensations are affected by the presence of subcutaneous fat, as well as the accumulation of nerve endings in certain parts of the body.

Woman tattooing pain map
Woman tattooing pain map

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Less sensitive

The client experiences the least amount of discomfort when drawing a pattern in the area of ​​the calf muscles, biceps, forearm, as well as on the outer part of the thigh. The skin in these places is thick and dense. The fairly large muscles are hidden under the layer of skin.

That is why these places are more popular with men and women.

a large drawing on the chest

Medium sensitivity

The following places on the map of the pain for tattoos They are the inner part of the calves, the middle of the thighs and the buttocks. The same category, despite the close location of the bones, includes the middle part of the back, clavicle, shoulders, as well as in the area of ​​the triangle, between the cuello and shoulder blades.

There are no large clusters of nerve endings in these areas, so the pain caused is quite bearable for everyone.

the woman looks at the shoulder blade

The most painful

Draw on the body It is a painful procedure, but there are places in the human body where it is very difficult to bear pain:

  • head, face, neck and pupils;
  • ribs, abdomen, groin;
  • folds at elbows and knees;
  • hands, wristyes, palms;
  • ankles, feet and inner part of thigh.

In most of the places listed, the skin is very close to bones, just as in these places there are a large number of nerve endings.

a man hardly suffers

In one Man

Men are believed to be more prone to pain. This is due to the fact that the fat layer is mainly concentrated on the back of the hand, as well as on the outer part of the thigh. The forearms and shoulder blades are also common areas to draw on the male body.

pain map tattoos
pain map tattoos

nerve endings in the human body

Brigade women

Even taking into account the fact that men are a strong half of humanity, it should be noted that women are more tolerant of pain. This manifests itself after 25 years. At the indicated age, the body of the Woman it is literally covered in a layer of fatty tissue, which increases the pain threshold. However, during critical days, all the nerve endings in a woman's body stretch like a rope, and even the slightest impact will make itself felt.

Tattoo pain map

How to reduce pain

It is impossible to avoid feeling pain during the procedure. To ensure that the drawing does not turn into torture and the end result does not disappoint the client, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of experienced tattoo artists.

Well-being and state of mind

For many years it has been believed that a tattoo is not just a drawing. Must have the meaning deeper and emotional mood. Having carefully studied all kinds of sketches, you need to choose the one that most accurately reflects your hopes and aspirations.

The next moment that will give you confidence is choosing a classroom and a teacher. … Modern technologies allow you to study reviews and view previously completed assistant work. Having spoken with him personally, even for a couple of minutes, he will understand for himself whether or not he will be a customer in the chosen salon.

How to care for a tattoo: the whole healing process

How to care for a tattoo: the whole healing process

By being 100% sure of their actions, the client will receive a guaranteed positive result. … And from a purely psychological point of view, the pain will be felt much less.

fear in the eyes


A client with a low pain threshold will be offered an anesthetic agent, namely an ointment or spray. Its validity period does not exceed 3-4 hours. It is not advisable to take pain relievers. This can lead to low blood clotting, which can lead to poor grafting of ink in the body.

If you plan to use anesthetics, then a couple of days give up alcohol and tobacco. They can reduce the effect of the anesthetic.

beat tattoo on neck

To what pain similar when filling a tattoo

The pain felt when filling in the contour of a tattoo is comparable to that of a wasp or bee sting, however there is no burning sensation afterwards. Feelings at this stage are considered the most painful, because there is a point of work in progress. When the master proceeds to the shading procedure, the pain becomes more diffuse. If the work is done close to the bone, the client may feel severe itching.

Once the procedure is complete, a burning sensation is inevitable for any client.

This is not surprising, because the top layer of the skin received multiple microtrauma. A care proficiently can reduce discomfort in a short period of time.

The tattoo pain map is mandatory to study and determine the place of the future drawing. Any impact with a pointed object causes unpleasant sensations or even pain, however, any manipulation can be supported. If the client is afraid of exactly these sensations, then the teacher should be notified of the concerns.

Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 9
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 9
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 10
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 10
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 12
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 12
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 1
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 1
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 2
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 2
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 3
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 3
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 4
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 4

The process with the anesthetic will be much easier than if the client squirms under the master's hand. .

Part 2 Tattoo Pain Card


1.What does the pain of a tattoo compare to?
2. Main areas of pain
3. Differences in pain threshold in women and men
4. How to reduce pain during a session?
5. What to do and what not to do before the session

Deciding to get a tattoo is not always easy. There are many factors that scare a beginner in this business, and one of the main ones is pain. Today we talk about this: is it painful to get a tattoo, how can different sensations be in men and women, as well as how to reduce painful sensations and stress?


1- How does the pain of a tattoo compare?

Pain is one of the body's mechanisms that helps us survive. It indicates that we have to cure something, repair it, seek help from a doctor.

By the way, there is a rare disease in which a person does not feel pain. It would seem that this should be great, especially for lovers of tattoos and piercings, but these people do not feel fractures, symptoms of serious diseases and dangerous injuries. Overall, nothing good.

The neurons in our nervous system, which are connected by a large network throughout the body, help us feel pain.It is the neurons that respond to external interference and internal problems and transmit a signal to the brain. At this moment we feel pain. And the more dangerous the situation, the more acute it is.

Given the relationship between pain and the nervous system, it is logical to draw a simple conclusion: the most painful place for a tattoo is where there are the most nerve endings.

A tattoo is an extensive and superficial lesion on the surface of the skin, so it feels more like a similar type of injury: abrasions and burns. In general, is it painful to get a tattoo? If you had a 'asphalt disease' in your childhood, the sensations after a tattoo session on the knees will throw you back in the past and envelop you in a pleasant (not) nostalgia for the abrasions on the knees, which were healed for a long time. . time and painfully.

By the way, speaking of pain in different places - we have compiled a ranking of the places where it hurts to hit a tattoo, it will help you better prepare for the session. It is important to note that each organism is unique and the pain threshold may differ, so the data is very average. Mark the "sharpest" sore spots on the tattoo and take notes before the session.

2- Main Areas of Pain

High degree of pain:


Especially the face, the earlobes, and the skull area.


Most of the front, but the rear will also have to be patient. It will also hurt in the area above the collarbones.

Chest, torso and back

Tattoos on the nipple halos, on the front ribs and under the shoulder blades will be a nuisance


Armpits, elbows, elbows and wristrear s. Hears!

Hip area

Intimate tattoos are not fun. And yes, we are talking about the most sensitive places and your immediate neighborhood.


The inner thigh, the knees, the back knee, and the front of the lower leg.

Medium degree of pain


Chest and torso

Let's hold on in the area of ​​the clavicles and chest.


Shoulders and loin. It will take a couple of hours to get used to

Hip area

Tattoos on the buttocks and just below them. It will hurt, but bearable
On average, the tattoos of the belly they do not cause minor inconveniences, but you will have to endure.
Prepare for moderate pain when hammering your hands and fingers
front thigh, Calf and instep. You'll have to close your eyes and more than once
Tattoo Pain Map 2
Tattoo Pain Map 2

Minimal pain

Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 13
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 13


She is also on the first list, but here we would like to point out exactly the tattoo, which is often a regular procedure for women.


Shoulders and forearms. Exhale, it will be fine!

Lumbar region

On the sides under the ribs it will even be a little ticklish, but this is not safe.

Hip area

On the sides and again, the list includes buttocks, tattoos in which for many they are a mere trifle.


The lateral part of the thigh, the lateral part of the lower leg, the ankles and the foot; You can also sleep during the session.


Here we are talking about tattoos that are made in the mouth on the inside of the lip.
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 14
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 14
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 15
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 15

3- Differences in pain threshold in women and men.

We live in an age of equality, but Mother Nature had completely different plans and made men and women physiologically different, therefore the tattoo pain pattern is different for them. In fact, official science cannot agree on the difference in pain thresholds for men and women, but most scientists are inclined to believe that the tattoo pain map for women has fewer "red areas." as women still tolerate pain more easily. because your body is better prepared for it (by nature, women are destined for a more painful role in reproduction than men).

Tattooists note that tattoo sessions are better tolerated by girls. If we made the list in the previous section separately for men and women, women would have more places in the green zone. For example, the entire back and buttocks. So, we can say that the tattoo pain map for men would be more "red" than for women.

In any case, as we said earlier, the tattoo pain map is very individual, and you can easily meet both men and women who undergo tattoo sessions, either as a mild tickle or as a moderate operation.

Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 16
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 16

4- How to reduce pain during a session

Before looking for a anesthetic suitable for external use (only they can be used! No injections), do the psychological preparation for the session (it does not matter if you are the teacher or the client: the teacher can also prepare the client for the session and calm him down) - after all , they tell the truth, the devil is not so scary, as it is painted, that's why the devil, who sits on his shoulder and whispers about the hellish and unbearable pain, we send him to his brothers. Remember how many people with tattoos walk our planet. Most of them will say that getting tattoos is painful, but bearable and 100% worth it. Overall, less stress! Calm and good humor will be of great help during the session.

Make sure you take care not only of your morals, but also your physics: sleep well, eat well, and in no case do you go to a session sick. A healthy, vigorous and strong body will bear pain better!

Carefully study the painful areas of the tattoo and remember the most unpleasant spots. And finally, what should be used in the end and we would recommend this method to treat pain only to people with a very low pain threshold or for the most delicate and painful places: pain relief. They can be used where it is most painful to hit the tattoo, but there are several nuances.

First, they interfere with work, as they "freeze" the skin, which contributes to pigment loss (and correction is another part of the pain), and anesthetics also distort colors. By the way, an interesting fact: painkillers "relieve" the pain points of the tattoo only during the session, which means that when it is "released", you will feel everything at once and even more intense and sharp, but the pain will . they last much less time than the session ...

Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 5
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 5
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 6
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 6
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 7
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 7
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 11
Tattoo Pain Map Tattoos 11

5- What to do and what not to do before the session

In general, we have already touched on this topic in the previous part of our article. It is categorically impossible to exhaust your body morally and physically. You can not drink alcohol, as it increases bleeding and interferes with the work of the teacher. Taking pain relievers and giving pain reliever injections is strictly prohibited.

Before the session, you can do what you cannot do after: visit the solarium and exercise in moderation. But you need to relax, tune in well, sleep well, and eat tasty and filling!

Don't forget there is a tattoo pain map, read it again to get to the session fully armed. Good luck and don't worry! And as they say, through pain a tattoo gains soul.

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