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Heart tattoo: sketches for men – women, interesting drawings, meanings

eskizy tatu serdtse

Among of all possible themes for body drawing, sketches of heart tattoos are one of the most common.

Selects such a theme, mainly, the young generation striving for love and romanticism.

For each person, such an image will mean something of his own, sacred and hidden in the depths or bright and large, about which he wants to shout to everyone the world. Much depends on the context of the composition and additional elements that are located next to the heart.

About the drawing

It is closely related to love and friendship, courage and spirituality, pain and suffering.

Everything that is a function of our heart can be indicated when tattooing with it.

Drawing has a wide range of meanings, the same as the range of emotions and feelings that we perceive in the heart.

Depending on the plot and environment, the semantic meaning may change:

  • In a crown of thorns – means pain and suffering that a person has suffered;
  • With wings – uplift and inspiration caused by love;
  • Broken – speaks of past love and disappointment of the owner;
  • Composition with arrows and swords – a male version about courage and courage;
  • In combination with a dagger – a reminder of treason and betrayal.

Opt the left side of the chest would be the ideal place for such a tattoo, but many people are not limited to this arrangement.



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