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Airplane: male – female, interesting ideas, meaning

eskizy tatu samolet

Airplane – a huge machine, gracefully plowing the sky. Sketches of airplane tattoos began to be applied to the body relatively recently, but at the same time they became popular in a fairly short period of time. Choosing this or that drawing, a person relies on the meaning.

About the drawing

Detailed drawing of the unit soaring in the sky pilots. This is how they show affection for the sky and for their profession. And the Air Force personnel prefer to combine it with a parachute. However, representatives of these professions are not the only ones who capture an airplane on their body. He is almost like a bird soaring in the sky. That is why he is assigned freedom and independence.

Owners of such tattoos often do not recognize the framework imposed by others.

Women can also choose similar sketches. These are often freedom-loving creative people. Another category is travelers.

Places for tattooing:

  • wrist, hand, ankle – ideal places for almost invisible drawings;
  • arms, hips, back – will present the tattoo in the most favorable light.


In a prison environment, such a pattern is almost impossible to meet.

However, if you found the owner of a sketch of an airplane tattoo in places of confinement, then most likely the tattoo was made in honor of respect and memory of a deceased loved one.


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