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Butterfly tattoo: sketches in black and white and color, unique drawings

eskizy tatu babochka

For those who are looking for butterfly tattoo designs , we have put together a whole section to make it easier for you to decide on the pattern. The article is intended rather for girls, because guys rarely hit their butterflies. But this does not mean that there will be no male sketches here. There are just not as many as women.

Well, he who seeks will always find!

About the drawing

A butterfly tattoo is such a thing, which is not really an unambiguous description. Much depends on the design itself, and even on the color. If you are interested, here you can see the full meaning of a butterfly tattoo. In this article, we will only touch on this topic a little.

In short, a butterfly is a symbol of rebirth. From here all further values go and branch out depending on the sketch.

There is no specific place where it is customary to stuff a butterfly. On any part of the body, it will look equally beautiful. But only if the tattoo artist himself does not fail the sketch.

Also, you can often see a butterfly together with something else:

  • With flower
  • With skull
  • With animal

Naturally, here the meaning of the tattoo will be different.

In principle, you can diversify the butterfly tattoo as you please, and put your own meaning into it. This is exactly what everyone has been doing lately. And this is nothing!


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