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Cross tattoo: sketches for men – women, unique drawings, meanings

eskiz tatu cherep

Self the cross symbol itself has many variations. Therefore, for those who are looking for cross tattoo sketches, it is much more difficult to find a suitable drawing. The huge variety makes it difficult to find, so we decided to come to the rescue. In this article, we have collected the most chic works from around the world in our opinion. Not the fact that you will like all the drawings, but you will definitely appreciate some specific ones.

About the figure

the cross is huge. It is enough to remember that it is part of different cultures and religions. In addition, during the Middle Ages, the cross was also a military sign. Also symbolizes the 4 cardinal points, the seasons and the main elements. Therefore, one generally accepted meaning is not here.

For Christians, the cross means fate, atonement for sins, torment.

Male and female sketches do not differ from each other. It is more important here what pattern the cross is combined with. Often such a pattern is a skull, flowers, some kind of inscription.

Small tattoos with a cross are also quite popular. They are made not for prying eyes, but for themselves. Often they can be seen on the wrist, ribs, behind the ear or on the neck behind the girl’s hair.

The tattoo style can also be anything here. It all depends on your tastes and preferences.


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