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Death: male – female, interesting ideas, meaning

eskizy tatu smert

Thoughts the most unpleasant associations evoke about death. Fear of her, of the unknown, haunts, perhaps, every person throughout his life. Some challenge her and choose death tattoo designs. Is this image so scary?

About the drawing

The choice of such a drawing is the preference of the daredevil.

He will become a faithful companion of a strong and brave person who challenges life.

The tattoo is perfect suitable for a person who is not afraid of anything and does not give in to difficulties. Atheists or young people from some subcultures also opt for dark sketches. Bikers are another category of people.

Girls rarely become owners of such images. Often this is the choice of an adult man. Also, the tattoo is popular in the prison environment. Inflicted on the body of a criminal, it will mean a complete rejection of good, as well as a tendency to violent murder. Death with a scythe is a kind of warning.

The combination of Death with playing cards means playing with life. Often the owner is “on the edge of the abyss”. The second interpretation is mortal luck. That is, the owner is incredibly lucky all his life, and he is trying to maintain his success by embodying in a tattoo.


The pattern is applied to different parts of the body:

  • shoulders;
  • chest ;
  • shoulder blades;
  • back;
  • belly;
  • ribs.

Owners are advised to respect sketches tattoo death and do not apply it below the belt.


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