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Diamond: interesting diamond tattoo ideas, value

eskizy tatu brilliant

Thumbnails Diamond tattoos are becoming more and more popular every year due to their symbolic meaning. Despite the fact that it can often be seen among the younger generation, the diamond always evokes admiration and interest.

About the drawing

Not everyone can afford this flawlessly clean, perfectly cut, sparkling stone.

That is why it is often chosen as a talisman.

They mean:

  • high status;
  • abundance;
  • wealth;
  • luck in achieving your goals;
  • brightness is equated with sunlight.

The incredible strength of a diamond is compared to invincibility, integrity and strength.

In Western countries, crystal purity is compared with honesty, consistency and devotion. After all, this is why most wedding rings are decorated with stones. Today it is increasingly chosen for paired tattoos.

According to many legends of ancient peoples, a diamond saves from dark forces and witchcraft. It protects its owner from damage and evil eye.


You cannot say that this only male or female symbol. It is applied by representatives of both sexes.

In this case, the image can be in the style of minimalism or realism, and some even complement it with other images in the style of old school. It is applied to the hands, wrists, forearm and shoulders, on the neck.

Often in women they can be seen on the ankles or chest.


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