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Dragon tattoo: sketches for men – women, unique drawings, meanings

eskiz tatu drakona akvarel

One of the most popular designs in tattoos is the dragon. And they are looking for sketches of dragon tattoos not only for men, but also for women. Perhaps the reason for this is the film of the same name “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, or maybe not. But, of course, this complicates the search for a good sketch that would not fly the entire Internet several times.

Therefore, we tried to collect for you all the most interesting options with dragons in one place.

About the picture

It should be said right away that dragons are divided into 2 types: eastern and western. In Asia, it is a good symbol of strength and power. Defender of the people. In the West, the dragon personifies evil. We all know from fairy tales how heroes defeat evil dragons and save princesses. So before choosing a sketch, you should decide at least this.

The color of the dragon and what he does on the sketch also play a role. For example:

  • sleeping dragon
  • spewing fire
  • with spread wings

Most often, the dragon tattoo is stuffed in the Japan or tribal style. But, of course, other options are possible.

Guys prefer aggressive tattoo designs. Girls like it when everything is bright and beautiful.

The most optimal place for a dragon tattoo is the shoulder or back. But, nevertheless, if the sketch is suitable, then it will look no worse on the arm, leg and other parts of the body.

The main thing is to discuss in advance all parts with master.


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