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Face: male – female, interesting ideas, meaning

eskizy tatu litso

Thumbnails face tattoos look especially original. Deep shadows, smooth lines, sparkle of eyes. It is interesting to consider them, but it is much more exciting to understand their history.

About the drawing

Such tattoos can carry a special energy and tell a lot of interesting things about a person. For example, the face of a loved one or a child speaks of an unbreakable bond between two people. True and eternal love is hidden behind the colors. Often they are applied in honor of the blessed memory of a person.

In prison, such tattoos are applied mainly by men. This is how they express their longing for loved ones.

Recently, more and more often you can see actors, musicians, public and political figures. They reveal the life position of their owner, the level of his education and tastes. Most often there is Bob Marley, who tried to instill in society love for one’s neighbor.

Marilyn Monroe is loved by girls and symbolizes lightness, beauty.

Salvador Dali is rightfully considered a genius and is the choice of extraordinary personalities. Che Guevara is a fighter for equality and independence. Stalin possessed a strong character, was firm and decisive. The faces of the Indians symbolize militancy, freedom and spiritual strength. Such cult personalities are charged with special energy, which they transmit to their owner.


To image was clear and over time did not lose its beauty – it needs a large area of the body.

It is applied on:

  • arms;
  • legs;
  • in the chest area and under it .

To portray this or that person as accurately as possible requires talent and skill. Approach the selection of the master with special responsibility.


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