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Infinity tattoo: sketches for men – women, minimalism, meanings

eskizy tatu beskonechnost

An inverted eight or infinity symbol is one of the most popular tattoos at the moment. Every person would like to touch eternity and immortality, the scale of which is impossible even to imagine. The variety of compositions into which this sign can be woven harmoniously is striking. –4–)

Sketches of infinity tattoos may have their own meaning for each individual person, but we will try to understand the most common interpretations.

About the picture

In ancient times, on the territory of India and Egypt, this symbol meant an endless cycle of rebirth and reincarnation.

For many peoples, the main meaning of the image is the eternity of the human soul.

In the modern world, people put the following values into infinity tattoo:

  • impossibility of full knowledge of the world;
  • striving for self-improvement;
  • endless love, friendship, happiness.

But all versions are only variants of meanings, finally learn about dedicated the meaning of the picture on the body is possible only from the owner himself.

Men and women with the help of this symbolism try to attract success and happiness into their lives or to consolidate them.

Favorite places for these tattoos are the wrist, back of the head and shoulder.


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