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Japan: male – female, interesting ideas, meaning

eskizy tatu yaponiya

Japan tattoo sketches are popular not only due to colorful and bright motives, but also thanks to a deep semantic content.

The Land of the Rising Sun is rich in sages who have comprehended the true meaning of life, and personalities who seek to open their eyes to the outside world.

One of the masters of the genre is Diao Zuo from Taiwan.

About drawing

Classical Japanese style involves drawing images of various living and mythical creatures in dynamics. At the same time, the finished work often resembles a sculpture.

Today, bright and colorful pictures have replaced the classic color combinations.

At the same time, as in ancient times, every detail and the smallest symbol has its own unique meaning, which can vary depending on the composition. It is more than a simple image:

  • the phoenix will bring success and good luck to its owner;
  • carp symbolizes a difficult path to victory, overcoming failures;
  • dragon – male energy;
  • lion – strength, power;
  • peony symbolizes feminine principle, beauty;
  • maple leaf – love;
  • proteins – abundance, wealth.

Often they are supplemented with life-affirming hieroglyphs.


Color is also important.

So, white speaks of pain, loss , sorrow, and pink will be a small step towards a happy life.

The Japanese direction is loved by both men and girls. And there are no specific places – the choice depends on the size of the future drawing.


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