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Lion tattoo: sketches for men – women, unique drawings, meanings

eskizy tatu lev

Application tattoos depicting the king of beasts are chosen mainly by men who want to emphasize their courage, strength and power. Women more often choose sketches of lion tattoos with offspring or with the whole family, which means family harmony, strength and justice. Or just a lioness.

About the picture

The meaning of the tattoo may vary, depending on how exactly the lion is depicted.

  • If the animal is in a calm, seated position, then this reflects the calmness and confidence of a person .
  • The attacking position can be interpreted as the courage and masculinity of the wearer.
  • A composition where the king of beasts next to a weaker animal means the owner’s desire for harmony, peace and tranquility.
  • Women’s tattoo. A lioness with offspring or alone, with a high probability, speaks of the maternal instinct, protection of family values and the strength of the owner.

Any part of the body is suitable for this picture where there is a large enough area for application. After all, an animal in all its glory can only be depicted on a large scale.

Most peoples associate symbolism with a lion with bravery, courage, wisdom, generosity.

This is a symbol with strong energy, so many people choose it. Look at the sketches of lion tattoos that we have collected especially for you.


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