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Minimalism: male – female, cool ideas, meaning

eskizy tatu minimalizm

Thumbnails minimalism tattoo involves the use of simple lines and calm or black and white colors. The topic is selected based on the wishes of the client.

These can be hieroglyphs, signs of the zodiac, an elementary image of birds, animals, fish.

About the drawing

The image in the style of minimalism is a choice of balanced and attentive natures who prefer to mature “at the root” of the problem, without being distracted by accompanying factors. They, as a rule, achieve their goals and objectives in the shortest possible time.

Also, such tattoos are suitable for a person who does not want to reveal the true meaning to others. This feature allows you to make it a real talisman.

Minimalistic designs are popular among both sexes. In most cases, they are small in size, look concise, neat and decorate any part of the body:

  • fingers;
  • wrists, forearm and shoulders;
  • scapula;
  • back;
  • ribs;
  • neck;
  • chest;
  • legs.


Choosing the main character for the future tattoo, you should familiarize yourself with its meaning. Perhaps the leading place is occupied by numbers and inscriptions.

They carry a special semantic load for their owner.


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