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Panther: cool ideas for men and women

eskizy tatu pantera

Thumbnails panther tattoos deserve special attention. This graceful and noble animal has many meanings and interpretations.

About drawing

Panther is a revered animal among many nations. Her image on the body has positive and strong characteristics:

  • courage, bravery, courage;
  • strength, power;
  • cunning;
  • leadership.

The image of this animal on a male body gives him the most important male qualities. At the same time, the most popular parts of the body that are decorated with such a tattoo are: shoulder blade, shoulder, thigh, calves, back, ribs.

Crouching panther is a symbol of transience life.

For girls, this predatory cat will become a talisman for the family. It is known that these animals are gentle and caring mothers, as well as unsurpassed protectors of the family. Gracefulness and elegance are an excellent complement to femininity and sensuality.


A wild cat can decorate any body.

In order for the inserted meaning to be conveyed as accurately as possible, it is necessary to choose a professional master.


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