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Best Tattoos ideas and Designs

Patterns: male – female, interesting ideas, meaning

eskizy tatu uzory

Sketches of tattoo designs have their own special mystery and attractive magic. They can be used to decorate any part of the body or complement a separate tattoo. For example, you can often see a sleeve framed by a “bracelet” of beautiful lines.

About the picture

Patterns and ornaments came to the modern world of ancient cultures.

Each line carries a special meaning.

  • For the Slavic, images of crosses and birds were characteristic. They symbolized fertility and wealth;
  • Khokhloma are distinguished by their brightness and beauty. The work uses red, yellow, green and black. There is no special semantic load. Khokhloma is applied for decoration;
  • Celtic are especially popular. The intertwining of black and white lines carries a special meaning – each curl is poured into a special sign. Among the most popular is the hammer of Thor, which will give strength and courage. The knot seems to “bind” together the body and spirit, directs thoughts in the right direction. The cross symbolizes infinity. The sun and the moon – as a reminder that there is always a new day behind the night;
  • Tribal is the most famous style that adorns the bodies of both the female half and the male.
  • For Polynesian, not only the ornament itself is important, but also the place in which the image is applied;
  • Indians assume a gray-brown tint. These are patterns of the most ancient tribes of the Maya, Aztecs, Maori. They were of particular importance for the representatives of these peoples. Unfortunately, scientists never managed to figure out their language, so they serve only as decoration.

As a separate species should highlight the barbed wire pattern. It can be seen on the body of a prisoner.

Shoulders, arms, legs, chest are most often decorated with such tattoos.


A well-made tattoo will delight its owner all his life.

Pay attention to the portfolio of the selected master – the final result depends on the clarity of the drawn lines and signs.


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