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Peony tattoo: sketches for men – women, interesting drawings, meanings

eskizy tatu pion

Flowers Is a very popular tattoo theme. It is worth noting that such drawings are popular not only among the weaker sex.

In men, the floral theme is common in the form of an addition to the main image.

Sketches of peony tattoos are chosen by a lot of guys and girls all over the world. The reason is not only in the beautiful lush petals, but also in the semantic subtext that this flower carries.

About the picture

Peonies symbolize masculinity. They have a very strong energy that attracts well-being and prosperity. People tend to depict large and bright flowers on their bodies.

It is believed that the more significant the inflorescence, the more positive things it attracts to the owner.

The meanings of tattoos for men and women are slightly different. The strong half chooses such a topic in order to get:

  • amulet from all adversity;
  • long a peaceful life;
  • financial well-being.

The image speaks of the dedication, fearlessness and prudence of the owner … The beautiful part of humanity chooses peonies as body decoration as a symbol of purity and feminine beauty.

There is a legend that the image helps girls find their other half.

There are no specific places for such a tattoo. But if we take into account that the inflorescence should be as large as possible, then body parts with a sufficient amount of area for the image (chest, back, shoulders) should be selected.


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