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Phoenix tattoo: sketches for men – women, interesting drawings, meanings

eskizy tatu feniks

Mysterious a fantastic bird, which is a symbol of fire, resurrection and new life – one of the most popular motifs for a tattoo.

People choose sketches of a phoenix tattoo, thanks to the legendary history of its appearance.

The desire of mankind for eternal life and rebirth determines the spread of the drawing throughout the world.

About the drawing

A huge number of stories associated with the fire bird cause stable positive associations when pronouncing the word phoenix. The meanings of the tattoo are as follows:

  • cyclicity of life and renewal;
  • immortality;
  • rebirth and fortitude;
  • will to win;
  • endurance and patience .

To learn more about the meaning of a tattoo with a phoenix – we advise you to read the legend about the fiery bird. It is worth noting that the work of applying the image is quite difficult, so you should carefully choose the master.

There is no definite place for the location of the tattoo with a magic bird, but given a large number of details, it is advisable to choose a back or chest.

We have collected popular sketches so that you can choose the appropriate option.


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