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Scorpion tattoo: sketches for men – for girls, unique designs

krasivyy tatu eskiz skorpiona

For those who choose a scorpion pattern for tattoos, we have collected a whole collection. We offer you to see all sketches of scorpion tattoos before going to the master for a session. Perhaps you will find here the ideal version of your future tattoo, or you will improve some picture in your own way. In any case, this activity will definitely not be superfluous. And here you can see the full meaning of the tattoo.

About the picture

If you live in Russia or the countries of the former Soviet Union, here the scorpion tattoo does not have the best meaning. The older generation still considers this drawing to be either prison symbols or army symbols. Well, the overwhelming majority associate the scorpio with the zodiac sign.

If we discard all prejudices and stereotypes, then the scorpio carries a symbol of courage and courage. Of course, this tattoo is much more common among men, but recently girls have been stuffing a scorpion with great pleasure. For them, it symbolizes inner strength.

Most often, a scorpion is stuffed on the shoulder, on the shoulder blade or on the chest. But with a suitable sketch it will look good everywhere.


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