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Snake tattoo: sketches for a guy – girls, unique drawings, meanings

eskizy tatu zmeya

Although reptiles are not the most popular species of animals, snake tattoo designs are searched quite often. Many people want to stuff themselves with a python or anaconda for various reasons. We will tell you a little about them today. But the main point of this article is to help you decide on the design of your future tattoo. Vipers, boas, cobras – we have put together a collection where everyone will find something for themselves.

About the picture

How and with other animals, the person stuffing the snake wants to give himself its qualities. Or he already has them. But, of course, this does not always happen.

In addition, there may be other reasons:

  • Chinese horoscope
  • Prison meaning
  • Cartoon characters

In addition, snakes are treated differently in different countries. You can read more about the full meaning of a snake tattoo.

Boys and girls also see different meanings.

Men most often have aggressive or gloomy tattoos involving snakes. And women prefer neat colorful sketches with snakes crawling or hugging a part of the body.

The area on the body for such a tattoo depends, of course, on the sketch. If the work is good, the drawing will look equally cool on the arm and leg. The only moment, think carefully before stuffing a snake in prominent places.

In Russia, snakes are treated rather negatively, so look no matter what what hasn’t influenced your life.


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