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The meaning of a wolf tattoo – what does a wolf tattoo mean?

The meaning of a wolf tattoo – what does a wolf tattoo mean?

The meaning of a wolf tattoo is a combination of courage, loyalty and endurance. He is unrestrained, courage is his essence. Will not hesitate when it comes to getting food. The beast is loyal to the she-wolf, friends, and becomes a loner after losing his family. Accordingly, bodily creativity in the form of a wild wolf will suit a person with “wolf” qualities and not corresponding to a slow, indecisive personality.

Concept on the zone

For a common person, the reason for choosing a painting is most often beauty. But not for those serving sentences. Each mark on their body and its color has a certain meaning, and this fact should be taken into account.

The wolf is a nocturnal predator, therefore black and gray shades prevail colors.

The meaning of a tattoo of a wolf in prison contains the following subtext:

  • a predator howls at the moon – the prisoner is a loner who does not need help and friends;
  • animal head – the person serving a sentence has a high rank among “convicts”, a sign of a recidivist thief ;
  • animal grin – indicates disagreement with the regime on the zone.

wolf grin

Male sketches

Differ from female drawing patterns. On a man’s body, the image is applied in a realistic style, mainly in monochrome. They reflect success, devotion to principles and their “female”, courage in front of enemies and self-confidence.

scratched shoulder with a pattern

the beast in the forest drawing

two evil animals on the chest

Female sketches

Tattoos for the fair sex have a completely different meaning. The depicted wolf on the girl’s body means a craving for justice, caring for the family, love for her offspring and loyalty to her partner.

More often, ladies prefer bright, colorful tattoos.

watercolor on the girl's back

a picture on the waist with feathers

geometric muzzle on the leg

Popular combinations

View the beast looks aesthetically pleasing if the pattern is large and in harmony with additional elements.

Among the tongues of flame

The embodiment of dark forces, personifies a demon , awakens and subdues powerful superhuman dark entities.


Beast with a skull

Associated with the physical destruction of life.

According to Egyptian beliefs, a wolf’s head is t a guide to the other world, and this picture reflects the connection between the living and the dead.

black painting with a skull

A predator against the background of a forest or surrounded by trees

Indicates a connection with nature, and also emphasizes powerful volitional qualities – maturity and independence.

excellent realism on the shoulder

Popular places

A skilled craftsman can apply a tattoo of a wild animal to any part of the body , depending on the size. Let’s discuss the more common parts:


The drawing will not turn out to be large, but the process itself will be less painful.

Mainly for the male half, identifying himself as the leader of the pack.

eerie image on the shoulder


Small-sized black and white tattoo looks good on this part of the body.


This body part allows you to create a three-dimensional full-size painting better than other places.

May have a peaceful meaning associated with family and friends. Almost the entire length of the leg, except for the knee, is less sensitive.

the cub on the girl's leg


Looks spectacular and stylish on the front of the body in men.


The most ideal canvas for body painting, which will not be left without the attention of others, and if desired, you can hide it under clothes. The advantage is the size – you can create on the entire surface of the back.

full back blackwork

Having considered this topic, it is worth considering the fact that each sketch and the place of its application always carries a semantic load.

If a drawing of a wolf is applied to the body, it is necessary to find out in advance the value. As you can see, one image in different variations reflects a different essence.


Below you can watch a video with a variety of wolf tattoos :

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