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Tribal: male – female, interesting ideas, meaning

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Sketches of a tribal tattoo can be safely attributed to the top three most popular in the art of body painting. This direction came to modern man from the aborigines living in the Samoan archipelago. or another genre.

You can look at the ideal works of this genre on the page of the Japanese master Taku Oshima.

About the drawing

If today original and ornate patterns are simply considered beautiful and unusual, then the founders put a rich meaning in them:

  • each curl or straight line had its own sacred meaning;
  • protected from evil spirits;
  • gave strength and confidence in the future, because not everyone could adequately endure the tests of transferring the ornament to the body.

In addition, the whole procedure was accompanied by the prayer of the priest.

They could schematically resemble animals. So the bear was a symbol of strength and courage, and the lion was loved by imperious natures.


It is believed that such drawings are more suitable for men, because they emphasize the contour of the body, focus on the work of muscles. Most often they are applied on:

  • arms, namely shoulders;
  • back;
  • shoulder blades;
  • chest;
  • belly.

However, girls sometimes choose them too.

A properly selected sketch will emphasize grace and visually reduce some parts of the body. For example, waist or hips.

The choice of location depends on the size of the selected pattern, but most often it is the belly, sides or hips.


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