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Unicorn: male – female, interesting ideas, meaning

eskizy tatu edinorog

Thumbnails unicorn tattoos are considered one of the most powerful amulets, and the history of origin goes back to ancient India. It should be noted that more often such an image is chosen by the fair sex, and the place is chosen based on the size of the future tattoo.

About the picture

According to the legend, only an innocent maiden could tame this mythical creature and make friends with him.

This creature did not allow other people to approach him.

This is where the main symbolic meaning of the tattoo comes from:

  • innocence;
  • purity of consciousness;
  • chastity;
  • good thoughts and intentions.

The unicorn possessed extraordinary strength and an extraordinary gift.

When studying myths, one can often meet him as a savior of human souls, an assistant in difficult situations, and in Christianity it was believed that his tears possessed a magical gift of healing from physical and emotional suffering.

Traditionally, a horse is depicted as a white horse with an ornate horn. And some masters draw a parallel with Pegasus and add wings to it, like an angel. The choice depends only on the master and the wishes of the customer.


A small head in a composition with flowers or other symbols looks good on arms, hips, shoulders and even neck.

A full-length animal looks best on the back or in the ribs.

When choosing a unicorn for yourself, you should rely not only on the generally accepted meaning, but also add your own meaning. Only in this way will he become a faithful companion in life.


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