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Viking: male – female, interesting ideas, meaning

eskizy tatu viking

Warriors originally from medieval Sweden, Norway and Denmark, they were distinguished by their courage and strength. Viking tattoo sketches have a rich history that goes far into the past.

About the drawing

Vikings put images on their bodies to intimidate enemy. The stern look of a cunning and dexterous warrior was often complemented by a tattoo on the face. A formidable face, sword, armor attract the male half.

There is no sacred meaning in the image.

Men try to emphasize with a similar pattern on the body:

  • brutality;
  • masculinity;
  • determination;
  • rigidity.

The composition is often supplemented with pictograms and ornaments.

If the body shows:

  1. a warrior on a ship – it becomes a symbol of discoveries and travel;
  2. a Viking in a helmet often becomes a companion warlike natures;
  3. Valkyries (daughters of warriors) – symbolize nobility.


Sketches depicting northern peoples occupy quite a lot of space on the body, so they can often be seen on the back, shoulders and stomach.

In any case, this tattoo looks amazing.


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