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Wing tattoos: sketches for men – women, unique drawings, meanings

eskizy tatu krylya

One of the most popular tattoo designs are all sorts of variations on the theme of wings. Why can’t people fly like birds? More than one generation is tormented by this question, but they have not received an answer.

Spiritual flight, striving for new heights, dramatic motives – all this symbolizes the wings on the human body.

Sketches of tattoo wings have a variety of stylistic and color solutions, from simple black and white to super-realistic techniques. The meanings differ from the composition and style.

About the drawing

Which wings are shown in the sketch directly affects the meaning of the whole tattoo :

  • Birds. Creative nature and striving for freedom.
  • Angel. Spiritual purity and innocence. If the name of a loved one and a departed person is next to it, then this is the memory of him.
  • Butterflies. Defenseless, vulnerable soul.
  • Bat. Danger.
  • In combination with the heart. Love and inspiration by this feeling.
  • With a skull. Victory over death.
  • Cut off or scorched by fire. Broken dreams or the designation of a fallen angel.

The most common place to get a tattoo is, of course, the back.

But do not limit yourself to this place, because there are many sketches with wing tattoos on other parts of the body. You can see the most interesting in our selection.


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