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21 Rihanna tattoos – all the singer’s tattoos, their photos and meaning

Rihanna is one of the most famous singers in the world. One of Rihanna’s first tattoos was a treble clef and a note on her ankle. The reason was the release of the artist’s second album. By the way, a small spoiler – later she covered this tattoo.

Rihanna’s hits that brought world fame:

  • Umbrella
  • Love the way you lie
  • Diamonds

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Rihanna, Eminem – Love The Way You Lie

The girl made most of the tattoos by the famous New York master BangBang.

Maori on the right hand

A difficult situation has developed with the pattern on Rihanna’s right hand. It has undergone numerous changes over the years.

Initially, a small Maori style image was filled.

Rihanna's tattoos

Then during a tour of New Zealand, she got a new tattoo next to the previous drawing. It is noteworthy that this tattoo was stuffed in an ancient way with the help of strange hand tools. During this procedure, she shot a video, which can be viewed below:

The new drawing did not suit her with its unpresentable appearance, and soon she covered it with a tattoo of a proven modern master. This is a similar pattern around the wrist and the wrist.

Rihanna's tattoos


Thug life

Rihanna got this tattoo on her knuckles in honor of the murdered rapper 2Pac. The expression is translated as “gangster life”. A rather non-standard solution was the choice of a light pink color for the inscription.

But a few years ago the singer brought this tattoo together.

Rihanna's tattoos

Shhh …

Very famous drawing, which after Rihanna was repeated by many celebrities. On the index finger, the letters “Shhh …” translate as “Shhh …” and are visible only when the singer holds her finger to her lips or sings into the microphone.

Rihanna's tattoos


A similar tattoo on the middle finger, only with the word Love. There is hardly any philosophical meaning hidden there.

Just a cute mini-tattoo.

Rihanna's tattoos


Pisces horoscope sign

This is the very first tattoo of the singer – her zodiac sign – Pisces. The choice of place is quite modest, behind the ear. But for the first tattoo, in principle, nothing surprising.

Rihanna's tattoos


One of the weird tattoos of a Barbados girl – the outline of a star right on her ear. According to her:

“My childhood friend from Barbados came to visit me. We had to stir up something wild. So they muddied it. He filled the same. ”

Rihanna's tattoos


Expression Rebelle Fleur

At one time, this French inscription gave rise to a lot of controversy regarding its spelling and translation. But Rihanna quickly reassured everyone, saying that the words were written in the correct order and translated as “rebellious flower.” This is how she describes her character.

Rihanna's tattoos


Tattoo with asterisks was done in 2 stages. At first it was short, down to the bottom of the neck. And then the trail of stars spread right up to the shoulder blade. By the way, this is a steamy tattoo with her boyfriend Chris Brown.

Rihanna's tattoos


Mirror phrase

Along the right collarbone of Robin (the singer’s real name) the life motto “Never a failure, always a lesson” is stuffed – Never error, always a lesson.

The phrase itself is made in a mirror, which as an idea is quite interesting. You look in the mirror, read and get motivated.

Rihanna's tattoos


There is a tiny cross on the left collarbone. The session was conducted by the same master BangBang. Obviously, this tattoo symbolizes attitudes towards religion. At the same time, Ri herself says that if necessary, she can always close it with a necklace.

Rihanna's tattoos

Roman numerals

Another interesting tattoo is the Roman numerals indicating the date. On this day, her assistant and friend was born. And this friend has the same one with Rihanna’s birthday. A very bold decision, as for me.

By the way, Miley Cyrus (famous actress and singer) has a very similar tattoo.

Rihanna's tattoos

Isis under the breast

Definitely the biggest picture on the body of a celebrity is the winged goddess Isis under the breast. The tattoo itself is dedicated to the deceased grandmother. Rihanna loved her very much, always listened to advice and tried to be like a character to her.

Rihanna's tattoos



On the left side there is an Arabic inscription “Al Hurria Fi Al Maseeh” on the edges, which means “ Freedom”. I think you’ve already noticed that Rihanna loves writing in other languages.

Rihanna's tattoos


Another such inscription, but already in Sanskrit, is located on the right side. But as is often the case with inscriptions in other languages, there was a mistake in this tattoo.

In addition, part of the quoted prayer is also missing.

Rihanna's tattoos

Armpit pistol

Above this inscription, on the armpit, there is a pistol symbol. Rihanna did it for company when she did a tattoo-gift with her friend’s date of birth. As she said, she wanted something for herself.

Rihanna's tattoos

Nefertiti on armpit

One of the last tattoos is Nefertiti’s head on the left armpit. Unfortunately, its meaning is not mentioned.

Rihanna's tattoos

Lettering on the buttock

They did not remain without the singer’s tattoo and buttocks.

Since 2012- The Tibetan inscription on them pleases the eye, the translation of which is “Mistress.”

Rihanna's tattoos



The image of a shark is stamped on the front of the left leg.

Rihanna's tattoos

Skull on the ankle

On the back of the left leg there is a funny picture of a skull with a pink bow … The outline is quite crooked, which makes it even more ridiculous.

Rihanna's tattoos

Falcon (Cover)

And on the right leg is the very cover of the note and treble clef that we talked about at the beginning of the article.

A falcon flapping its wings appeared instead, creating the silhouette of a pistol. At the same time, his wings very much resemble those of Isis, stuffed under the chest.

Rihanna's tattoos


1988 is tattooed on the ankle of the same leg in the form of a half-bracelet. This is the year of birth of the singer.

Rihanna's tattoos


Once online, fans saw a photo of Rihanna with an R tattooed on her shoulder blade. But it soon turned out that it was temporary and was made to advertise the album. And this happened more than once. You can see similar “tattoos” below.

Rihanna's tattoos

Rihanna's tattoos

Rihanna's tattoos

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