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All Elj’s tattoos – what tattoos are on the musician’s body

Hip-hop and rap are considered to be some of the most popular styles of music. First of all, they are preferred by young people and adolescents. Today, popularity has come to the young performer Alexei Uzenyuk, who is better known under the stage name Aljay. Most of the fans are delighted not only with his performance, but also with tattoos located all over the body.

A young man with white eyes, wearing a stylish bomber jacket and regularly organizing “Explosions” in places of mass concentration of people – no, this is not a description of a portrait of a person detained on suspicion of committing a crime, but just the external style of Aljay. The young performer was born in 1994 in Novosibirsk. And today he is already an idol not only of Russian fans, but of many foreign fans.

Most people know Aljay for his songs:

  • Minimal
  • Rose wine (Feduk)
  • Ripped jeans /2019/05/eldzhey-minimal.mp3

He steadily occupies the niche of the main pop celebrity, which is also listened to by fans pop music, and hip-hop fans.

Tattoos on the face

Aljay’s face is filled with a small knuckle duster, stylized as a gangster theme, which is an invariable attribute of the rap scene and the street world. A tattoo in the form of coordinates is clearly visible on the forehead. However, the performer himself has not yet commented on the decoding of the inscription. Fans of course put forward their assumptions, but the cryptography is still shrouded in obscurity.

brass knuckles on the guy's face

On the collarbones

Japanese motives are so close to the rapper that he stuffed the weapons of Japanese ninjas – shurikens, which are impaled in the form of a star used for throwing. This deadly weapon is in the experienced hands of Japanese spies.

The performer himself put double strength in them, as he filled two identical stars at once.

the dude takes a picture in the mirror


On the neck there is a Japanese inscription “Sayonara”, which in translation into Russian means “Goodbye, goodbye.” Also, a well-known fact for all fans is the fact that the rapper has released an album with the same name, and also under this pseudonym he is registered on Instagram and other social networks.

sayonara on the neck

On the stomach

In this part of the body, the singer typed the number 143, which stands for “I love you” … It is still difficult to give an answer to whom exactly the cryptogram is addressed. Maybe it is dedicated to the beloved or has a general meaning and is addressed to its fans.

number 143 on the stomach


It is here that a huge number of the musician’s underwear is filled. For example, a bullet flaunts on the phalanges of the fingers, symbolizing accuracy, the desire to achieve the goal, speed and at the same time danger.

A smiley looks from the wrist, and the wrist is adorned with a barbed wire bracelet.

On the side there are letters “ZEF” that carry a philosophical meaning and the ability to dress in inexpensive clothes, but at the same time look stylish , and be above this need.

On the forearm, you can see a pole with wires and a lantern, and also his hands are decorated with various small compositions, one of which is called a “sleeve”.

Not so long ago, Aleksey and his girlfriend Nastya Ivleeva got paired tattoos. These are 2 rings in the form of an infinity sign on the outside of the palm. By the way, we also wrote an article about Nastya Ivleeva’s tattoos, if you are interested – check it out.

Summing up, we can say that his concert performances attract a lot of fans, his videos are watched by millions, and his personal life is constantly under the supervision of indefatigable journalists and photo reporters.

But Aljay steadfastly holds the blow, showing everyone only what he considers necessary. And everything else is his little secret, which for many will not be revealed.

pole with wires on the arm
drawings on fingers


Below I attach a video clip for the song “Ripped Jeans”, many learned about Elj just after her:

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