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Dmitry Nagiyev’s tattoo: their meaning and photo

Dmitry Nagiyev is a famous Russian presenter, artist, showman. Brutality is added to Nagiyev by many tattoos on the artist’s body. As a person with powerful charisma, he is a magnet for many of the fairer sex in our country. Combined with a short haircut and energetic presentation of a showman, tattoos give his image that unforgettable charm for which millions of Russians love him.

In this article we Let’s analyze the most popular theories about the meaning of images on the body of an artist.

Tattoo is personal

Nagiyev never spoke to the general public about the meaning of the drawings that adorn his body. But practically all wearable drawings are exposed to public attention. The artist regularly posts photos to his Instagram account, and his tattoos often appear in the frame, which fans love to discuss.

inverted glasses on the face


Most of the images on the star’s body are made in the form of various texts. And this is not surprising, because text tattoos are more expressive and full of meaning than drawings. And for a celebrity with a rich inner world, meaning and semantic context are much more important than appearance.

It cannot be said that the inscriptions look ugly, on the contrary, for they fit the image of Dmitry as well as possible.

the inscription on the showman's hand

Errors of youth

All that is known about Nagiyev’s attitude to this tattoo is that the star considers it to be a mistake. The text is made using Gothic fonts and reads “I love you. Be with me”. Fans assume that the inscription is dedicated to a woman who occupied a significant place in the life of the actor, most likely, this refers to his ex-wife.

a phrase dedicated to a woman

On the left hand

Parallel to the inscription in Latin, dedicated to a woman, there is another, very thin line, which cannot be made out from afar. From a distance, it looks like a thin thread or is generally invisible.

The celebrity does not reveal the meaning of this inscription, but you can guess that this is a rather personal thing.

thin thread on the arm


The forearm of Nagiyev’s right hand is decorated with a prayer written in Latin. The text consists of four lines and it talks about the happiness and health of loved ones. It is quite touching that the actor in the most prominent place placed such personal messages to family and friends. This speaks of the great value that the people around him represent.

four lines on the forearm


Dmitry has a completely black Catholic cross on the forearm of his left hand. The star does not comment on the meaning of this tattoo, but many fans associate this cross with the showman’s German roots.

As you know, the Catholic faith is widespread in Germany.

The actor also never told the public about his religion, so we can only guess about the true meaning of this cross.

black big cross


On the left forearm of Nagiyev there is another cross, this time Egyptian. Dmitry, of course, keeps the meaning and reason for its application secret. In general, the Egyptian ankh means the infinity of being.

It is symbolic that Nagiyev’s son also has a similar tattoo on his right hand. This speaks of the spiritual closeness between father and son, as well as a similarity in outlook on life.

ankh on the shoulder

“Grandfather with a balcony tattoo”

The new tattoo on the showman’s right shoulder became known thanks to Nagiyev’s instagram. On Friday the 13th, a photo of an actor from a tattoo parlor was published, where Dmitry was getting a new tattoo. What is depicted on it is absolutely invisible, but the caption to the post reads: “Grandfather with a balcony tattoo.”

This inscription created a serious intrigue among subscribers … What’s new the famous artist has stuffed on his shoulder – wait and see!

beats a new figure


Below I suggest watching a popular interview of Yuri Dudy with Dmitry Nagiyev, where it comes to his tattoos:

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