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Yuri Muzychenko’s tattoo: Ilyich’s face on the priest and others

Yuri Muzychenko, aka Thomas, is a fairly well-known person among the Russian tattoo audience. Many people know him since the time of the TV series “Hammered” on YouTube. Also in the past he was a member of the rock group BKMSB. He currently plays in the Litsedei theater, owns the Backstage tattoo studio, sings in the group “The Hatters” and acts on the YouTube channel “ClickKlak”.

You could hear his following songs:

  • BKSMB – Check
  • The Hatters – Russian style
  • The Hatters – Yes, it’s not easy with me

With his videos on YouTube, Yura has greatly promoted tattoo culture to the masses. Not only did he instill in the younger generation a love for tattoos, he also enlightened the people in this regard. Thanks to the series “The Clogged”, many people began to understand tattoos on a higher level.

It is possible to talk about Yura Muzychenko’s tattoos for a very long time. There are a myriad of them. On one hand alone, dozens of small drawings. But big tattoos have a place to be.

In his instagram Muzychenko often uploads photos with his tattoo.

On the arms

Yura’s sleeves are hammered in a special style. They consist of many small pictures. In this case, there is no main background. In general, we can say that these are hand pock sleeves. Although an unknowing person may think that these are just portacas.

It makes no sense to write about each drawing separately, so I will tell only about those with which which – some interesting story.

Fashionable bow

Yuri got this tattoo himself in the next video. The idea was to come up with a sketch myself and fill it myself. The picture turned out to be quite funny, and the same small size as the rest.

many pictures on his hands

Three-legged brazier

Thomas told the story about this tattoo in his show “What a tattoo story a thousand devils”. During his European tour in the city of Brest, Yura stuffed a brazier on his hand. Everything was fine, until the guys posted a video with this tattoo on the channel.

The first comment was: “Why does the barbecue have 3 legs? ? “.

discerning glance


On the right shoulder there is a black and white emblem of Yura’s former group. As he himself said in an interview, the team broke up due to the fact that they drank a lot. And Yura’s wife – Anna Sergovna – almost left him. Holding his head in time, Muzychenko chose a family, and the group broke up, but the symbol of those times still remains with him.

the musician plays the violin

On the buttock

In one of the issues of “Trash Lotto” there was a task to fill the face on the buttocks. This lucky one turned out to be our hero and filled the face of Ilyich (Ilya Prusikin) from Little Big on the left buttock.

The issue collected more than 4 million views, and Yura forever famous for this tattoo.

Ilyich on the priest

On the chest

This is a skeleton with a violin in hand. The picture is in a frame with bottles on the edges. It can be assumed that Yura invented the sketch from himself.

merry fellow in a hat and with a mustache


One day a video appeared on the Zabitye channel: a tattoo in protest. Yuri stuffed on his back the name of the theater “Litsedei”, in which he acts as a clown.

There was a story that instead of a signboard of the theater, a sign of a trade center. This was the protest.

actors on the back

On the stomach

There are two pictures in the same style. More recently, the inscription “Pump it” has been added to them. What significance these tattoos have for the wearer is anyone’s guess.

2 tattoos on the stomach

On feet

Everything is about the same as on the hands. Is that the number of pictures is smaller. Interestingly, there are tattoos only on the calves and lower legs. All thighs are clean.

photo with Ilyich


Many are worried about the question: will Yuri Muzychenko fill his hands, neck and face with tattoos?

You can answer hear from the hero himself in the interview below:

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