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The value of the anchor tattoo + history and photos of tattoos

The value of the anchor tattoo + history and photos of tattoos

The meaning of the anchor tattoo is not the same and they all differ from each other. The meaning of the image is influenced not only by color and size, but also by the gender of the tattoo wearer.

What does it mean?

Sailors used this image to show that they managed to cross the Atlantic, but later the image became a talisman for many men. It was believed that a tattoo can save a sailor from death and return him home.

Un meanings / ”title =” anchor ”> broken anchor has a negative meaning, it says that a person cannot resist the difficulties of life or have lost someone close to you.

male sign

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Male sketches

Men usually get a tattoo of anchor, saying that they love the sea and everything related to it, or that they have a safe haven where they can come and take a break from the world. Or to confirm your loyalty.

picture on the biceps

captain's steering wheel

amulet on the arm

Female sketches

The fact that the girls are gentle and sensitive, they also prefer to fill in anchor tattoos, indicating that they will be loyal to their partner and will not abandon him in difficult times.

Also, you can do it together with your partner to show that your love is strong and pure.

with flowers on the edges

with a small heart

female drawing

Popular combinations

There are many sketches in which you can see t a anchor, combined with other elements. Some of them have deep meaning, while others are used only for beauty. The most common style for this type of tattoo is old school. But nobody bothers to show originality and fill the anchor somehow in his own way.

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in honor of the pope


Anchors are often used in conjunction with letters, but each word symbolizes something special. Therefore, when you get tattoos with inscriptions, you should study the line. The symbol with wings and an inscription symbolizes freedom and love for her.

along with an inscription


Anchor with flowers or types of flowers is used by people who love romance, but at the same time do not mind adding some tragedy.

The image next to the rose speaks of femininity, love and frequency. That is why this element carries strong energy.

old school picture


The tattoos of anchor with a ship they most frequently adorned the bodies of men who performed services at sea or made long voyages. This tattoo symbolized love for their work and resistance to all the difficulties that life presents.

before ship


Very often, a Woman mermaid with a anchor. One of the legends says that they got this tattoo on the body to protect themselves from sirens.

The sailors considered them monsters and were afraid of colliding with them.

beautiful mermaid


Combine a swallow and a anchor in a tattoo it has a broad meaning. In ancient times, this meant that there was an easy and safe way home. The anchor It served as a talisman against the forces of evil, it was a reminder of the strength of the male spirit.

with swallows in the navel

Popular places

A tattoo with a anchor it can be placed absolutely everywhere, the main thing is that it does not look defiant and the colors are selected correctly. But even a place on the human body can have a certain meaning.


Tattoos of anchor on the forearms they were the first to be made by men, since at that time women were not allowed to board the boat. This was considered a bad omen. However, now this myth has been dispelled, and such symbols are displayed in the hands of women.

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drawing on forearm


Anchors with additional symbols are most often placed on the shoulder. In addition, the sketch can be supplemented, which is the advantage of the body part. Thanks to this, tattooists can create beautiful paintings.

on the shoulder black and white


In the chest, you can see tattoos of anchor on girls, but at the same time they need to make sure that the tattoo does not look catchy. As for the male chest, you can also create compositions on it using the anchor.

on the chest with words


The reverse side is a real canvas for a tattooist. Tattoos anchor they are most often located closer to the neck, but at the same time they take up a lot of space in the human body.

However, not many people decide to do it. fill a tattoo there, as the back it's a pretty sore place.

sketch for the whole back


Very often, girls get tattoos on the belly, they want to emphasize their shapes with this image. To many it looks sexy, and women feel more charming and relaxed.

a large gland in the stomach


Previously, tattoos on the hand they were considered a talisman.

Today, anchors are padded on the fingers to satisfy your desires or emphasize minimalism. As a general rule, small anchors flaunt themselves in such areas.

hand articulation


The meaning of a tattoo anchor in the leg it has the same interpretation as in other parts of the body. Legs are popular due to the fact that a complete work of art can be created on the calves or thighs.

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with red ribbon on the leg


If you are interested in the marine meaning of the anchor tattoo, I suggest you watch the following video:

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