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Bear tattoo: sketches for men - women, cool drawings, meanings

Bear tattoo: sketches for men - women, cool drawings, meanings

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Bear - this is a strong and powerful beast, in the image of which the fierceness of a predator and true human goodness and prudence coexist. Handsome, furious, invincible, but at the same time loving his offspring, attentive and wise - so we see a person looking for sketches of a bear tattoo.

Such a symbol as a tattoo is chosen mainly by representatives of the stronger sex.

Women and women most often choose the option with a bear surrounded by cubs or teddy bears.

About the drawing

The type of bear, the composition and the style of application affect the interpretation of the meaning of the tattoo.

  • A growling or growling beast symbolizes the owner's courage, firm character, and fighting principle. This image is chosen by brave and determined people.
  • A polar bear signifies endurance, patience and courage of a person in any situation.
  • Brown a predator in a calm position without a smile speaks of wisdom, prudence, strength and calm of the owner.
  • Koala and panda decorate, as a rule, cheerful, optimistic and kind people.
  • A bear with offspring signifies maternal origin, harmony and strength of family ties.
  • Toy, teddy bears signify kindness, optimism and joy.

Bear tattoo sketches are quite universal and almost every part of the body they can be decorated with this pattern.

For men, however, the chest and shoulder are more popular, and for women, the forearm.


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