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Snake tattoo - meaning for women and men on the arm, leg and other places

Snake tattoo - meaning for girls and men on the arm, leg and other places

Men and women, regardless of their age, decorate their bodies with various patterns to match their morals. If until recently tattoos were a symbol of people who had served their sentence, today the technology of their application is at a high level and they have become an integral part of modern youth. Some of them are suitable for both genders. These silhouettes include a snake. It is in this sketch where we will stop and analyze in detail the meaning of a snake tattoo from the location site to the combination with other animals and objects.

General formulation

Directly, snakes have opposite connotations based on culture. But you can standardize them a bit, then you get the following generalized options:

  • simultaneously means death and new life, that is to say, rebirth or rebirth;
  • protection;
  • mystery of nature, hidden motives;
  • attractive, carnal attraction;
  • the ability to wait for the right moment;
  • anger, pettiness;
  • mind;
  • courage.

And you can also put the meaning in the underwear painting, after all, they are double creatures.

The artistic tattoo does not lend itself to a harsh interpretation, in principle, like any creativity. Almost all the common sub-texts of a snake are abstract concepts.

scaly all over the body

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Concept about the area

This reptile is double everywhere, even in the area. In principle, all interpretations are hidden in the composition of the body painting. The allegory of the skull, from the eye sockets of which the reptile comes out, symbolizes the wisdom of successful thieves, and if it is wrapped around a cold weapon, this indicates that it is among the most important representatives of the hierarchy.

A reptile wrapped around various artifacts shows a certain rank of the prisoner and who was considered to be in the area. For example, a beautiful Woman with a "creeping reptile" hovering around her legs does not bode well and is interpreted as a passive homosexual.

He also has the subtext of a bully with special cruelty and experience. Incarcerated people fill out the Penal Code, cut with a sword, around which the outlines of snakes are seen, thus expressing hatred towards all law enforcement officers.

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prison drawing

In different countries

Having gone on a historical excursion, we can say that depending on the countries of the world, a snake tattoo is deciphered in different ways. For example, in Ancient Greece it is associated with the god Hermes and personifies prudence, cunning and diplomatic skill. In Ancient Egypt, it symbolized eternal life.

In India, tattoos are highly respected, despite hundreds of people dying each year from their bites.

For the Japanese it is a designation of elegance, sexuality. In Slavic countries, on the contrary, it is perceived negatively and implies danger and the ability to kill.

Japanese style tattoo

Male sketches

The strong half prefers sketches, which are distinguished by the expression of severity, aggression, brutality, light lines, sharp angles and dark tones. Usually men emphasize their character traits in the image.

two creeping reptiles

in the boy's column

male sketch on the neck

Female sketches

Very the reptile looks effectively at the body feminine, emphasizing the curves and sexual attractiveness of the owner. It can be done in both black and white and colors colorful. Women do not want to make a large sketch, it is better to give preference to a small format, which will emphasize sexuality.

A tattoo filled with a realistic style that emphasizes all the mystery, beauty and power.


a bright picture in the stomach

a picture on the chest women

Popular combinations

Many people fill themselves with compositional tattoos, which have their own interpretation of the combination. The following combinations are considered the most popular:


Their joint union personifies a balance in which the dragon expresses a violent and fiery half, and the serpent is the sober and cunning side of nature.

Tattoos of 【Stars】 and Meaning

Stars Tattoos Collage 1

along with a blue dragon

With colors

Depending on the combination with a subtype of colors, they are interpreted differently.

For example, with a rose it is the object of seduction, and with a lotus it is a complex intertwining of two faces (sweet and passionate, strong and fragile, terrifying and attractive).



The combination of these 2 symbols means life in constant struggle.

reptile around the sword


Remember mortality and combine death and decay.

ominous image with a skull


A weapon entwined with a reptile is interpreted as a thief, a ringleader in places of confinement.

However, the body pattern can simultaneously mean decisiveness, courage and courage, fortitude, honor and military duty.

with a dagger on his shoulder

Popular places

The snake pattern looks great on any part of the body, especially if the master has skillfully drawn each scale.


On the right side - the desire to do only the right things, and on the left - cunning and self-interest.

3D image on the shoulder


The snake in the hand draws attention and therefore it is important to note if the drawing is aggressive or not.

If the message is evil, then you must have care with the person.


The closer the drawing is to the heart zone, the more a person tries to "absorb" the features of a reptile. If the sketch is threatening, then its owner is aggressive.

head comes out of chest


The sketch can be small or flaunt all over the back. Since the area is not small, you can use this place to apply a whole work of art.


The miniatures are great snakes and great paintings with a bright palette. The snake on the leg in Japanese style looks great.

Feather and Bird Tattoos and Meaning

Collage Feather Tattoos Birds 1

with yellow eyes on the leg


It says that a person is not subject to their emotions and most of the time they take over. The serpent is stuffed to "pacify" the spirit.

In short, we can say that the meaning of the snake tattoo is extraordinary. Anger, courage, intelligence, courage, pettiness combine closely.

Many people, filling such a tattoo, put in it the essence that suits them best. ... It is she who combines a kind of "trend" and a symbol with great meaning.


Below is a video with various sketches of a snake tattoo and their interpretations:

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