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Samurai tattoo: sketches for men / women, interesting work, meanings

Samurai tattoo: sketches for men / women, interesting work, meanings

eskizy tattoo samuray

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Brilliant and memorable tattoos with heroes of ancient Japan are very popular with men all over the world.

Samurai tattoo sketches impress with their scale and energy. It is the search for the ideal that drives men to choose tattoos that represent ancient warriors.

About the picture

Japanese warriors were one of the most influential estates not only in their own country, but also far beyond its borders. They flawlessly mastered the art of sword fighting and, in addition to physical exercises, actively trained their strength.

There are very few people left in the modern world who match the requirements of the ancient samurai code.

Samurai on the body means loyalty to the principles of life and the unshakable strength of the spirit of the owner. These people are usually in good physical shape and possess martial arts skills. The strength of your body It is combined with a reverent attitude to tradition and dedication.

Usually the composition is applied to parts of the body with a large area: chest o back. A project of this type is quite complicated to execute and should only be trusted by professionals.

In general, the work area is very large and the number of small parts is enormous, so the lead times for patterns are quite large.


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