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Eye tattoos: sketches for men - women, unique drawings, meanings

Eye tattoos: sketches for men - women, unique drawings, meanings

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Tattoo with the image of the eye - quite a specific and extravagant solution. Eye tattoo sketches on the body can be intimidating and attract the attention of others. The style of a tattoo can vary and the range of colors is not limited by anything other than imagination. Not only can eyes be human, but they can also belong to fantasy and fictional animals or characters. Interpretation of the meaning is highly dependent on the context of the composition.

About the drawing

A crying eye can mean pain for the loss of a person, and a combination with a tree symbolizes stability and health.

El meaning General of such tattoos comes down to the following list:

  • Protection and protection from enemies and enemies.
  • Peace and cure of diseases.
  • The personification of the soul and the divine principle.
  • Intellectual strength and talent of the owner.

In this case, each person decides for himself what kind of meaning to invest in his tattoo. There are no clear rules and standards by which someone can judge the correctness or incorrectness of one or another value.

As a general rule, eye patterns do not differ greatly.

Therefore, a small part of the body such as the forearm, the wrist, tobillo, etc. may be suitable. But here everything depends on your wishes. After browsing our collection of eye tattoo sketches, you can decide on the concept of the future image.


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