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30+ Best 【Temporary Tattoos】 How to Make Them?

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How to get a temporary tattoo at home: a step-by-step guide

If you want to experiment with body art, but while going to the salon to create a real tattoo is scary, it's time to learn how to get a tattoo at home. A temporary option will give you a chance to see how much you like this look.

The desire to decorate your body often appears in the summer, when open things in the closet prevail. The temporary tattoo will help make your appearance unique. The drawing can last from a month to several years. The duration depends on the technique you choose to apply the elegant image.

How to make a temporary Henna tattoo

So that the tattoo does not disappoint, we advise you to start with a material such as homemade henna. If you are interested in making a drawing for three weeks, you need to find out the application technique. Also, many are interested in the question of how to get a tattoo at home so that it does not cause harm.

1 Temporary Henna Tattoos on Foot and Ankles
1 Temporary Henna Tattoos on Foot and Ankles

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Henna is usually brown, but it can be done in black and white. Then the image will definitely become original.

It is very simple to prepare the coloring composition:

  1. We pass the specifically purchased powder through a strainer to remove all small impurities.
  2. Lemon juice is squeezed into the mixture. The ratio is 1: 3.
  3. Mix everything until a paste is formed. Wrap it up and put it in a container. In this way, the mixture should be left for 12 hours. It is important to keep it in a dark place.
  4. The consistency should be smooth and not too runny. If it turns out to be thick, you should dilute it with a little lemon juice, not water.
  5. 1 teaspoon of sugar will help make the powder more flexible.
  6. You can add essential oils to the mix to add flavor.

To turn brown henna black, you must add basma. The pattern can be made with special tubes, but some people prefer to draw it to hand. If the pattern is not perfect, all errors can be easily corrected. A few changes with a cotton swab and you're done.

Tip. If you lubricate the surface of the skin with olive oil before apply henna, it will have a richer color. Also, the oil base will help the paint to set easily.

Those wondering how to get a temporary tattoo for the first time may freak out when they see a very bright color. Do not worry. It will be only in the first days, after 3-4 days the lines will become darker. The drawing will get paler every day. You can use any scrub to wash it off.

Everything There Is To Know About Temporary Henna Tattoos ... Are They Dangerous?

Henna temporary tattoos are considered by many to be a safe decoration that does not harm the body. However, dermatologists warn that often after applying henna tattoos to the skin, many, including children, seek help with chemical burns, allergic reactions, traumatic eczema, etc.

Temporary tattoos are popular these days. There are many who want to become the owners of a beautiful pattern on their hands, shoulders, cuello, ankles and other itchy parts of the body. It's understandable. The price of a temporary tattoo is captivating: it is available to everyoneA pattern applied with natural henna on the skin it can serve as a decoration only for a few days, depending on the type of skin. But there are those who are simply overwhelmed to decide on their desire: to get a real tattoo or not, and happily apply floral and Celtic motifs, small and simple images, ritual henna drawings on the skin.

2 TOP 2 Temporary Henna Tattoo on Hands and Fingers Lotus Flower and Ornaments
2 TOP 2 Temporary Henna Tattoo on Hands and Fingers Lotus Flower and Ornaments

The natural henna tattoo is short-lived

Natural henna has a swamp green color. It is made from dried Lawsonia leaves. Natural Henna Temporary Tattoo - Mehndi (Hindi, Urdu, Mehendi) will delight the owner at best for about a week or two weeks, or even less, then the drawing begins to fade.

It is unlikely to be possible to remove a henna tattoo temporary before the completion of the renewal process of the upper layers of the epidermis. However, you can speed up the tattoo removal process with the help of simple methods: taking a bath, visiting a sauna, using various peels and skin scrubs. In any case, the faint mark of a natural henna tattoo will soon disappear completely.

The plant substance "black henna" does not exist in nature.

Black henna is a coloring composition based on natural henna with the addition of synthetic components. To achieve intense color, unscrupulous salon masters or beach artists add chemical dyes to vegetable dyes, increasing the risk of allergic reactions, asthma, bladder cancer and liver tumors. To make the image more contrasting, do not hesitate to add the toxic chemical paraphenylenediamine (ursol) (PPD). As a result, after drawing a pattern on the skin with such a composition, there may be not only skin problems (blisters, burns, wounds, etc.), but also a constant allergy to everything that contains PPD, including black clothes. , some cosmetic funds. By the way, PPD is present in a certain amount in almost all dark hair dyes,

The process of applying black henna paste on the skin differs little from the methods of applying natural henna paste. The only difference is in the time and the consumption of the paste: the process of absorption of the coloring pigment by the skin takes about 30 minutes and the black henna paste is needed several times less than that of natural henna.

3 TOP 3 Temporary Henna Tattoo on the Back of the Hand with Moon and Ornaments on the Fingers
3 TOP 3 Temporary Henna Tattoo on the Back of the Hand with Moon and Ornaments on the Fingers

Observe the following precautions

The henna tattoo procedure itself is harmless, however, if sanitary standards are violated, as well as when using low-quality pigment, serious complications can result. To prevent complications associated with the use of black henna, the following precautions should be taken:

  • Applying black henna tattoos to children is strongly discouraged under ten years.
  • Before getting a black henna tattoo, a minor is advised to obtain proper permission from a parent.
  • Before applying the black henna dye composition, a test should be carried out for an individual reaction to its components. To do this, apply a small amount of black henna on the skin behind the ear or on the bend of the elbow and wait 20-30 minutes. At the first signs of itching, burning, or redness of the skin, rinse the black henna paste from the test site. If during this time there were no unpleasant sensations, you can start applying a temporary tattoo.
  • Avoid applying black henna temporary tattoos to your face. To prevent henna paste from entering the respiratory system and eyes, do not apply a tattoo near the organs of sight and respiration.
  • The interval between the application of temporary tattoos of black henna It should be at least three weeks, from the moment the previously made black henna temporary tattoo disappears.
  • To avoid supersaturation of the body with ursol, at least two weeks should pass between coloring the hair and applying a temporary tattoo with black henna.
  • Avoid using homemade black henna, sold by weight or clearly not factory packaged.
  • If, as a result of using black henna, signs of an allergic skin reaction appear, consult a doctor immediately. Don't self-medicate.


Collage Temporary Tattoos IDEAS

How to apply Bio-tattoo correctly?

The bio-tattoo drawing lasts from 6 to 14 days on the body. Henna penetrates only the upper stratum corneum of the skin, the cells are in constant motion, and the pattern gradually fades and finally disappears. Black henna tattoo lasts up to 28 days, gradually fades, fades evenly, without leaving an outline.

Before applying a tattoo, the desired area of ​​the skin is cleaned with an ordinary cotton ball, either alcohol or water. This is done to clean the skin of dirt or an old layer of skin. In addition, the hairs in the selected area of ​​the body must be removed, since the coloring pigment of black henna perfectly penetrates the hair structure and remains there much longer than on the skin. Then, eucalyptus oil is applied to a specific area. This is done so that, under its influence, the pores expand, allowing the dye to be absorbed into the skin. After applying the pattern to the skin, you need to let it dry completely. The image drying stage consists of several stages: 15-30 minutes for the upper part of the paint to dry (the applied henna turns into a scab). After drying, the dried paint crust can be removed from the skin area (which is not particularly desirable), and let the drawing dry for another 1,5-2 hours. If you neglect these rules, under the influence of moisture, the tattoo will turn from black to brown, or it will simply disappear.

4 TOP 4 Temporary Tattoo ornaments on fingers
4 TOP 4 Temporary Tattoo ornaments on fingers

Important!!! Unfortunately, many of us think first and then think. In this case, you must do the opposite. Before (somewhere on a beach in a distant tropical country) applying an amazing temporary henna tattoo on your skin, or doing a painting on a child's skin, think carefully, is it worth the risk?

Tattoo with eyeliner

2 Temporary Tattoos on thigh Color Lotus Flower with Chain Pendants
2 Temporary Tattoos on thigh Color Lotus Flower with Chain Pendants

You can create a unique ornament thanks to a tool such as a cosmetic pencil.

  1. You should create a tattoo design and practice drawing it on paper with a normal pencil. If there is no talent for drawing, then it is better to first try with clear lines and then move on to more complex images. Intricate designs will quickly smudge on the skin. Image size matters too. You should choose an image that has parameters close to the originals.
  2. Pick a pencil from the store. It is better to go for a water-based pencil rather than an oil-based one. Then it will stay on the skin longer. The question is not only how to get tattoos, but also what colors to use. It is not necessary to choose a black shade. A unique tattoo style can be created by combining various shades of pencils. Liquid eyeliner is not suitable for a tattoo because it is impossible to create clear designs with it. Before you start working with a pencil on the body, you need to practice. This way you will get used to the force of the pressure.
  3. Draw your chosen ornament. If it does not meet your expectations, you need to wash the image and apply it again. The skin must be clean and dry. It is best to choose those areas of the skin where there are no hairs.
  4. To consolidate the effect, you need to apply hairspray to the ornament. It is not necessary to excessively smear the image with varnish, it is enough to spray the surface.
  5. The pencil tattoo does not last long. Before going to bed, we recommend that you wash the image with warm soapy water. But, if you forgot to wash your temporary tattoo, the paint will not stain your bed.

Tattoo with a stencil

3 Temporary Tattoos with White on Shoulder Flower with Leaves
3 Temporary Tattoos with White on Shoulder Flower with Leaves

If you are wondering how to make a temporary tattoo at home to be told it was done by a professional, choose the stencil option. The technique is as follows:

  1. Creation of templates. It takes a lot of work to carefully create the shape of the tattoo. But it will be quite simple to create and draw a beautiful drawing.
  2. Find suitable permanent markers. You can use different colors for the template, then the image will acquire originality.

Tip! Permanent markers sometimes contain harmful substances, so read the label carefully.

Instead of permanent markers, you can use stamp ink, washable markers.

  1. The tattoo must be applied with precision and clarity along the contour of the stencil. In order for the drawing to be perfect, you need to hold the stencil tightly. You can use masking tape to secure the template.
  2. The skin must be clean and dry. This is the basic rule to follow when drawing an image.
  3. To wash the picture made with a marker, a soapy water solution is most effectively used.

Tattooing at home with airbrush

How to get a temporary tattoo at home with an airbrush? You need at least minimal skills to work with the device. The paints used in this technique are 100% safe, so they can be applied even to young children. There are two options for working with the technique: stenciling and free body painting.

4 Temporary Tattoos Mold and execution with butterfly ink gun
4 Temporary Tattoos Mold and execution with ink gun mariposa

In the second case, it is worth getting down to work only when there is a talent for drawing. The only limitation of this technique will be the thickness of the lines. Fine details and fine lines cannot be applied with a tool such as an airbrush. But on the other hand, thick lines will look clear and bright.

The advantage of using a tattoo airbrush is that the result will be visible in two weeks. You need to rub alcohol to remove the image.

Tip! We recommend using multiple coats of paint to make your drawing look bright. To fix the image, the finished ornament is sprinkled with talc.

How to make a temporary tattoo with a permanent marker

5 Temporary Tattoos for couples in Black Rose Outline Doll
5 Temporary Tattoos for parejas in Black Rose Contour Doll

One of the most popular methods of obtaining a brilliant image is to use a Sharpie marker. Any color will do. The advantage of using such a tool to draw a pattern on the skin is the ability to create any image. There are no restrictions on the width of the line.

After getting the tattoo, you need to rub it in with baby powder for a couple of minutes. Then, to consolidate the effect, you need to spray the skin with varnish. If you accidentally applied more varnish than necessary, you can remove the excess with a cotton swab dipped in water.

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Temporary Tattoos 1

An advert! Sharpie contains chemicals that can trigger an allergic reaction. Make sure to check a small area of ​​skin for an allergic reaction before applying a tattoo.

How to make a temporary tattoo at home for a month.

6 Temporary tattoos on clavicle feather and birds coming out of it towards the shoulder
6 Temporary Tattoos in clavicle pen and birds leaving her towards him shoulder

If you are interested in the question of how to make a transfer tattoo, you must adhere to several rules:

  1. Do not touch the image until the varnish is completely dry.
  2. Before you start using a permanent marker, you need to apply a fine line to your skin. If no rash or redness appears in half an hour, you can try using it. When allergy signs are visible on the surface, it is worth choosing a safer option for creating a tattoo. The same rule should be used in relation to other techniques for creating a tattoo at home.
  3. To make the pattern last a long time on the skin, we recommend sprinkling the ornament with baby powder. It should be used after applying the varnish.
  4. You can use liquid adhesive plaster instead of hairspray. Then the image will stay on the skin for twice as long.
  5. To erase the stains left by the marker, we recommend using products that contain acetone. If you apply baby powder before you spray the varnish, it will set the pattern in place and it won't run out.

Gel Pen Tattoo

7 Red Rose Temporary Tattoos with Green and Violet Leaves
7 Red Rose Temporary Tattoos with Green and Violet Leaves

Most aspiring tattoo artists are interested in how to get a transfer tattoo with a gel pen. The secret of drawing is to use clear lines. There are two options for the technique.

1 method. No punctures. The effect will last 3 days, no more.

  1. Prepare the skin for drawing. Wash it well, dry it.
  2. The image is redrawn on tracing paper with a pencil.
  3. The drawing is carefully shaded with a gel pen.
  4. The tracing paper should be applied to the skin, press it with a damp cloth. Therefore, you should keep the tracing paper for at least 3 minutes.
  5. To brighten the image, you can add strokes directly to the skin.
  6. Drying takes two hours and the result is fixed with lacquer.

Method number 2 . Application of the shallow needle puncture method. In this case, the drawing will last about a month with proper fixing and maintenance.

Using special paper

8 Watercolor Style Temporary Tattoos on the Back of the Wrist Hand Violet Red Yellow Flowers
8 Style Temporary Tattoos watercolor on the back of the doll Hand Violet Red Yellow Flowers
  1. We buy paper that has a self-adhesive film and a paper backing. You can buy this paper at specialty tattoo stores or a store that sells craft supplies.
  2. Choose an image layout. Unlike other tattoo techniques, the use of special paper opens up a flight of imagination. There are no restrictions on the size of the image, the complexity of the drawing and the width of the lines. You can even create your own drawing in a graphics editor.

Important! Since the tattoo transfers from the paper into a mirror image, the words in the image must be written backwards.

  1. Print the image on special paper. If you have a color printer, you can do it at home. Make sure the image is printed on self-adhesive tape and not on the backing.
  2. The tattoo is cut with nail scissors.
  3. Drawing the image with ink on the skin. It is necessary to press the application site well with a towel. You need to hold it for a minute, then you can remove the rest of the paper.

The image will stay on the skin for about a week. But if the picture gets bored earlier, it can be washed with soapy water and a stiff brush.

Crystal tattoo

9 Temporary Tattoos Purple Blue Butterfly with Glitter
9 Temporary Tattoos Purple Blue Butterfly with Glitter

If you want to be the king of the party, you must use original tattoo techniques. The decoration is sure to catch the eye of all the guests. It doesn't last long, within 3 days. But this period is enough to add solemnity to the image.

Since the technology for applying lenses is very simple, it can be done at home without special skills. There are several ways to get a crystal tattoo:

  1. Complementing temporary images. Special stones are attached to the finished drawing to complement it. Tweezers are used to glue the lenses.
  2. Application of a set, which includes a special film to apply rhinestones and direct glass elements. The movie ornament is drawn using a stencil. Then rhinestones are applied along the lines that are marked there.
  3. Create a bright image with your own hands. It takes a bit of skill and imagination to do this. The process will pass quickly if you collect the stones in advance and choose a more or less simple drawing.

Pebbles for lenses are glued with a special glue. It is absolutely safe, so it is also used for application on the eyelids. Using a simple application technique, you can create an amazing image of the lenses on the face. In addition, this option allows you to decorate tattoos created with the mehendi technique. By adding rhinestones to them, they will look even brighter.

We hope that this article has helped you learn how to get a tattoo for a month to decorate your body with an original image.

Other indications and Ideas for Temporary Tattoos:

1 TOP 1 Temporary Ink Tattoo with three birds the word Faith Faith and Feather
1 TOP 1 Temporary Ink Tattoo with three birds the word Faith Faith and Feather
3 Temporary Tattoos with White on Shoulder Flower with Leaves 1
3 Temporary Tattoos with White on Shoulder Flower with Leaves 1
4 TOP 4 Temporary Tattoo ornaments on fingers 1
4 TOP 4 Temporary Tattoo ornaments on fingers 1
5 TOP 5 Temporary Tattoo Custom Made with molds Names Helen and Andrew Wedding Date heart arrow on wrist
5 TOP 5 Temporary Tattoo Custom Made with molds Names Helen and Andrew Wedding Date heart arrow in doll
6 Temporary Tattoo style sticker purchased made For Stylists hair dryer scissors and comb on the arm
6 Temporary Tattoo style sticker purchased made For Stylists hair dryer scissors and comb on the arm
7 Temporary Tattoo with black and white pigments flowers
7 Temporary Tattoo with black and white pigments flowers
8 Full color Temporary Tattoo dragon type with glitter on shoulder blade
8 Full color Temporary Tattoo dragon type with glitter on shoulder blade


Even a child can get a temporary tattoo at home. This will require a pen or marker. Inexperienced tattoo artists train in these types of tattoos. These methods are great for trying yourself out as a tattoo artist or just filling your hand before purchasing expensive equipment.

But more often this is the only option for a teenager to try on a tattoo, if the parents do not allow it… Tattoos look real and can stay on the body for a long time. How much exactly depends on the application method. Another advantage is that the price of such a tattoo is conditionally free.

Guys who tried them on say that for a long time they convinced their parents that tattoos are not real, but temporary.

4 shapes in stages

There are several ways to get a temporary tattoo at home. Somewhere you need a pen, somewhere a marker, and somewhere you need cosmetics. After you have discovered the details of each method, in the future you can combine them and get new results.

You can see the sketches in this article or here: 250+ tattoos small.

The beauty of the future tattoo will depend on your ability to draw. If the best of your abilities is a corrupt man, then it is better not to start with the last method. A month walking around with a terrible tattoo is still a pleasure, then you will regret it. We recommend that you start with an easier way or find someone who can draw well.

Method 1 Method 2 Method 3 Method 4
Required pen + hairspray toothpaste + cosmetic pencil + face powder + hairspray toothpaste + marker + face powder + shoe polish laser printer + perfume
How long does it last several days about a week month or more day week

We will describe each option in stages below. Follow the step by step instructions and you will be successful.

Attention! Allergic reactions can occur when using pens, markers, and cosmetics. If redness, itching and rashes appear, immediately wash the drawing and consult a dermatologist!

Method 1: for a couple of days

Necessary: ​​pen and hairspray or cream.

  1. Find a sketch of simple tattoo to draw. You can choose from the ones we have selected. You will find them at the end of the article.
  2. Select a place on the body and redraw the sketch there with a pen. We will tell you which pens are suitable and which are not a little later.
  3. This way, the temporary tattoo will disappear quickly. To make it last longer, apply a thin layer of hairspray over your new tattoo. So it will hold for several days. Instead of varnish, you can use a water-repellent cream.

Method 2: for a week

Necessary: ​​toothpaste, cosmetic pencil, face powder and hairspray.

  1. Select the desired tattoo sketch that you can redraw. Light tattoos will be a priority.
  2. Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on the future tattoo and rub it all over the area. Remove excess with a napkin.
  3. Use a cosmetic pencil to draw a tattoo on this spot. Read more about choosing a pencil below.
  4. Take a cotton ball, apply face powder to it and walk on your tattoo. The thicker the layer, the longer the tattoo will last.
  5. Fill in the resulting artwork with hairspray or rub in cream as described in the first method. Such a temporary tattoo will easily withstand the pressure of water and it will not be so easy to wash it off. In a week, it will definitely delight your sight.

Method 3: for a month

Needed: toothpaste, highlighter, face powder, and shoe polish.

  1. As in the first two methods, we find a suitable pattern for a tattoo. No need to search for a sketch, you can also sketch from photo.
  2. Rub the selected place on the body with toothpaste. The amount of paste is the same that is applied to the brush when brushing your teeth. Get rid of excess.
  3. Then you need a marker. With their help we draw a tattoo on the prepared place. The lifespan of the tattoo will depend on the marker you use. About their varieties will be further.
  4. Cover the finished tattoo, homemade, face powder in several layers, using a cotton ball.
  5. Then we will cover the composition with shoe polish. A couple of times pshiknut will be enough. At this stage, have special care, this is still chemistry. If something goes wrong, wash it off immediately. Although it will be difficult to do. Such a tattoo can last for a month. Some craftsmen use them for 3 months.

Method 4: translated

One more method, which differs markedly from the others, is to transfer the tattoo from the paper to the body.

For this we need a little more serious objects: a printer (laser, not inkjet) and perfume.

  1. Find the finished sketch and print it on paper at the desired scale.
  2. Trim, moving a couple of centimeters away from the contour, for greater comfort.
  3. Spray the paper with a lot of perfume.
  4. Immerse the resulting translation in water for 3 seconds and press We draw the pattern in the desired place on the body.
  5. Gently hold the stencil, trying not to smudge. The retention time depends on your perfume. Hard to say specifically, but 5 to 15 minutes. At this time, you can still peek the perfume over the image. Then we peel off the paper.

Not everyone is successful this way the first time. The choice of perfumes and the percentage of alcohol they contain plays a very important role. If all else fails, try again and stick with it longer.


Collage Temporary Tattoos IDEAS

How to wash such a tattoo

To get rid of a temporary tattoo, you need to understand how it was done. For a small "filled" tattoo with the first method, soap and water are enough. In the second case, you can not do without micellar water and acetone. They can be purchased in the cosmetic or repair department.

But as for the third way: if you get a tattoo with the most powerful marker and fill it with hard polish, it will be almost impossible to wash it off.

You will have to wait until it disappears naturally under the influence of the external environment.

How to make a temporary tattoo with a home marker or pen

What pens to use

Not everyone understands this, but the usual cheap ballpoint pen will not work for these cases. This pattern will smudge and fade very quickly.

If you want a really beautiful and long-lasting tattoo with an even contour, I advise you to use high-quality gel pens.

The really good ones are quite expensive. The color is not only black, so you can also get colored temporary tattoos.

How to make a temporary tattoo with a home marker or pen

Cosmetic pencil options

Of course, there is more variety here than between pens. The kids will have to crawl into their mommy's makeup bag or stand blushing in the makeup department. It's a lot easier for girls to navigate, but guys, let's find out.

An eyeliner (eyeliner), for eyebrows or lips, is suitable for our business.

These are the so-called coatings. If you want a high-quality drawing, bring waterproof pencils from well-known brands:

  • Avon;
  • meibelin;
  • the real.

Well, if there isn't a lot of money saved on dinners - take what you can afford.

How to make a temporary tattoo with a home marker or pen

Marker selection

This assortment is also quite diverse. Anything from felt-tip pens to professional markers can be used. The more powerful it is, the longer the temporary tattoo will live. A permanent marker works well for the most reliable drawing. Such a tattoo, made at home, will not only not be erased by accident, but it will even be difficult to erase it on purpose.

How to make a temporary tattoo with a home marker or pen

Simple sketches to draw

Drawings for children and women are often different. The location of the tattoo also plays a role.

A sketch that looks great on a arm o wrist can look terrible on one leg or other part of the body.

Tattoos with strict contours are suitable for children. These may be sketches of animals predators, various warriors or other male images. For women, the more feminine sketches are characteristic. Women's tattoos include flowers, geometric patterns, and animals in colorful styles like watercolor. It can also be a mini pen tattoo.

In any case, since this is not a real tattoo, it will not be easy to draw something on a large scale. So go for small, light and simple tattoos for aspiring artists. Otherwise, there is a possibility of not coping with the drawing and spoiling the drawing.


To make it clearer, we suggest watching a video example of such a tattoo. After looking at it, it becomes clear that there is nothing difficult about getting a temporary tattoo at home with a pen or marker.

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