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TATTOO CONTOURS โ–ท 31 Beautiful Ideas ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค


Contour tattoos. Tattoo sketches and tattoo ideas. The best tattoo sketches of all styles.

These technically complex and story-rich tattoos are respected by those who perceive wearable drawings as an independent art form. However, any new fashion coexists with an established tradition. Classic flat tattoos, made in the form of outlines, not only do not go beyond fashionbut they change quickly. There are new plots for tattoos, made in the contour technique.

130 Beautiful tattoo outline with a woman expelling smoke and a rose around her
130 Beautiful tattoo outline with Woman expelling smoke and a rose around him

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Outline tattoos are versatile. They take place anywhere in the body and in any color. The sizes of such tattoos vary from 2-3 to 30 cm.

In the contour technique, almost any plot can be performed. Such tattoos give the impression of a graphic drawing, are extremely detailed, allow you to emphasize certain elements of the composition, highlight the main and secondary parts of the plot. Also, the outline of a tattoo (see photo below) is always deeply symbolic and can be perceived as a sign expressing a person's creed on life. The following advantages of contour tattoos can be distinguished:

  • wide variety of sizes;
  • universality;
  • a wide variety of plots, the ability to use eternal symbols of the world for sketches;
  • the ability to transfer the mehendi style (drawing technique with Indian henna) to the world of tattooing;
  • the ability to combine subtle ornamentation with semantic richness;
  • if necessary, the outline tattoo can be supplemented or changed.
116 Beautiful tattoo outline with the silhouette of two female faces
116 Beautiful tattoo outline with the silhouette of two women's faces

Did you know? The oldest tattoos found on the bodies of mummies are more than a thousand years old. One of these tattoos was discovered during excavations of Andean settlements in Peru. On one of the mummies, archaeologists noted contour images of animals (monkeys and birds), as well as drawings-symbols, whose meaning not fully figured out yet

53 Beautiful Two Women Face Profile Tattoo Outline
53 Beautiful Two Women Face Profile Tattoo Outline

Who suits contour tattoo?

Despite the versatility and diversity of plots, tattoos made in contour graphics may seem too simple and even superficial to some people. However, it is difficult to agree with such reasoning. After all, the simplicity of the contour image refers only to the form and technique of the drawing, but not to its content. A tattoo outline, a sketch which you can choose from the master and even create it yourself, it is suitable for those who:

  • appreciates the simplicity and openness of people;
  • does not like to complicate and exaggerate problems, prefers to look at everything with a sober look;
  • has a sense of taste, prefers a strict style of clothing;
  • believes that self-expression should not be accompanied by excessive eccentricity;
  • pays greater attention to details and all kinds of accessories, believes that it is better to buy one expensive and high-quality thing than three low-quality ones;
  • he is interested in ornamentation, folk culture, he respects what has been created by an entire people, and not by one person in particular;
  • interested in psychology, child psychology, cultural studies.

The contour tattoo is suitable for modest people who know how to keep other people's secrets, who believe that everything ingenious is essentially simple, and that the most complex things actually have a simple explanation.

SUNFLOWER TATTOOS โ–ท 50 Beautiful Ideas ๐ŸŒป

52 Beautiful Two Girls Face Tattoo Outline
52 Beautiful Two Girls Face Tattoo Outline

Tattoo Sketch Options Scheme

Many sketches, implemented in the contour technique, resemble drawings from coloring books. There are simple and complex compositions. Folk ornaments can be used as material for sketches. The following compositions are the most popular:

  1. Images of ancient totem animals: lions, elephants, wolves, eagles, owls. The variety of animals Totem poles symbolize certain character traits of the tattoo wearer. Thus, the wolf is associated with freedom and solitude; lion โ€“ with nobility and courage; elephant โ€“ with strength, India, greatness; eagle - with great aspirations, dreams, perseverance to achieve the goal and, of course, freedom; owl - with wisdom and secret knowledge.
  2. Religious and mythological signs: cross, month, yin and yang, star, etc. Such images speak about the features of the tattoo wearer's worldview, about his faith and beliefs. Furthermore, each of these signs has a deep symbolism, which is not always associated with any particular cultural tradition. For example, the cross is an ancient sign that can be found in caves with cave paintings. The cross symbolizes the cardinal points, earthly space, life and time.
  3. Floral and floral ornaments, mehendi drawings. Girls choose such tattoos to emphasize their femininity, vulnerability and fragility. In addition, the flowers they can be perceived as a sign of certain inner qualities. For example, a rose symbolizes love and nobility; lily โ€“ purity and chastity; lily of the valley - diligence and modesty in back, chest, bee.
41 Beautiful tattoo contour of the silhouette of the face of a woman and a flower
41 Beautiful tattoo outline of the silhouette of the face of a woman and a flower

Tattoos are unique drawings and ornaments that are applied to the outer surface of the human body and are designed to emphasize your unique image and extraordinary taste. Modern and unique tattoo sketches presented in our structured catalog will help you choose the best version of the image that will become a visual decoration and a concise completion of your image in โ€œTerritoryโ€.

UV TATTOOS โ–ท Gallery and Features Advantages Disadvantages โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ–ค

Ultraviolet Light Tattoo Collage
38 Beautiful tattoo outline of the profile of the face of two women intertwined with each other
38 Beautiful tattoo outline of the profile of the face of two women intertwined with each other


Advice. Before going to the studio to get a tattoo, study on your own the possible options for the outline tattoo you want to get. For example, the muzzle of a lion in the contour technique can be made from the front or from the side, with a tilt to the left or right. There are also decorative images of a bespectacled lion in a feathered Indian headdress. Even if you like a particular sketch, take an interest in what other images exist with the same plot, compare and compare them.

33 Beautiful tattoo outline of the face of two people kissing
33 Beautiful tattoo outline of the face of two people kissing

Nowadays, there are many successful tattoo options to get on various parts of the body. Our catalog contains a large number of beautiful sketches, including tattoo sketches in the arm, shoulder, back, thigh and other parts of the body. You have to remember that some tattoos that look great on the arm will look completely different when applied to a different area. Therefore, when choosing a tattoo, be sure to consult with the master.

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