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Trash polka: man - woman, cool ideas, meaning

Trash polka: man - woman, cool ideas, meaning

Thrash Polka tattoo sketches are the choice of an extraordinary personality who is tired of stereotypes, banal decisions, life-affirming ideas.

This is a great way to express yourself and attract the attention of society.

For example, here is the account of Daria Volkodav, whose image in thrash polka style is below

About the picture

You must first understand the name:

  • trash is a hard realistic everyday life that absorbs all negativity, trash, trash, something dirty and gloomy;
  • polka - fast, easy and simple dance, which is identified with simple themes.

The finished work resembles a magazine clipping, and the inscriptions are similar to slogans or slogans. This effect is achieved by using black as the main color, and the Red it just complements it, focusing on the little things.

They can be drops of blood, fallen petals of a flower.

The plots are dark and symbolize:

  • pain;
  • tragedy;
  • death;
  • afraid ;
  • vulgarity.

Some of them reveal the true values ​​of life, leaving behind the formalities, imposed by society, as well as the fashion and glamor trends.


Sketches are usually large and require the selection of a significant area of ​​the body. … It is applied to arms in the form of sleeves, back o chest. The weaker sex more often choose the forearms, hips or legs. ribs.

A terrifying image, its size often repels women. Therefore, trash polka is even more popular with men.

Despite the fact that outwardly the picture seems simple, the choice of the master should be taken with the greatest possible responsibility. A tattooist experienced will be able to convey the full range of feelings: pain, fear, despair, the search for the path and the potential of life.

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