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Realism: male – female, interesting ideas, meaning

eskizy tatu realizm

Thumbnails tattoo realism, perhaps, can be attributed to the most difficult. Realistic images are especially popular.

The picture seems to come to life on the body and brings special aesthetic satisfaction to its owner.

About the figure

The choice of themes is rich. Apply to the skin:

  • loved ones and loved ones, deceased, pets – in honor of eternal and good memory;
  • delicate flowers will become a symbol of beauty, innocence, pure and tender love;
  • animals will give their owner cunning, courage, domination, wisdom;
  • fantasy heroes will share their super-abilities.

Each drawing is endowed with its own special meaning, which is important to put on your own.

Sometimes ornaments or three-dimensional pictures are applied to the skin. If the work was done by a professional, then others will believe that the drawing is carved on the skin.


This style is common among men and women, and the place is chosen based on the size of the developed sketch.

Unfortunately, on the network you can often find examples of unsuccessful work of novice masters, so it is important before at the beginning of the session, look into the portfolio and get acquainted with the presented works.


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