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Tattoos in Latin with translation: 100+ inscriptions and photos of tattoos

Latin tattoos have successfully taken one of the first places among all tattoos with inscriptions. Despite the fact that Latin, or rather Latin, is one of the most ancient languages, people around the world use it in their tattoos. Some do this to appear smarter and more educated. And others, to hide the meaning of the tattoo from others. Well, the rest of them beat tattoos in Latin, as it is a very beautiful extinct language.

Both guys and girls can put an inscription on the body in Latin. The subject of the inscription can also be any. With it, you can show respect for your parents, express love for your significant other, or emphasize your character.

By the way, a similar article about tattoos in English can be look here – tattoo inscriptions with meaning and translation.

Phrase and translation

This article we made a tattoo in Latin as a catalog, collecting the most interesting inscriptions in our opinion. Also, each of them has been translated from Latin into Russian. In addition, under each phrase there is a photo with her image on the human body. Thus, you can see how this or that tattoo looks in the finished form.

To enlarge the picture, click on it.

  1. Amor omnia vincit – love conquers everything.
  2. Primus inter pares – the first among equals.
  3. Nihil dolere – nothing is a pity.
  4. Ad astra per aspera – through thorns to the stars.
  5. Esse quam videri – to be, not to seem.
  6. Custos meus mihi semper – my angel is always with me.

  1. Familia supra omnia – family above all.
  2. Dum spiro spero – as long as I breathe hope.
  3. Spes et fortitudo – hope and strength.
  4. Nosce te ipsum – know yourself.
  5. Hic et nunc – here and now.
  6. Sono nata per la felicita – born to be happy.

  1. Divide et impera – divide and conquer.
  2. Memento vivere – remember about life.
  3. Carpe diem – seize the moment.
  4. Solus deus judex meus est – only God is my judge.
  5. Nihil verum est licet omnia – nothing is true, everything is allowed.
  6. Inveniam viam aut faciam- find a way and do it.

  1. Si vis amari ama – if you want to be loved, love.
  2. Volente deo – God will give
  3. Cuiusvis hominis est errare – every person makes mistakes.
  4. Deus pascit corvos – God feeds the ravens .
  5. Paulatim morimur cotidie – gradually die daily.
  6. Sola mater digna est amore – only a mother is worthy of love.

  1. Fac fideli sis fidelis – be faithful to the one who
  2. Amore est vitae essentia – love is the meaning of life.
  3. Ego sum perfecta imperfecta – I am completely imperfect.
  4. Sic parvis magna – big starts with small
  5. Ora et labora – pray and work.
  6. Somni a vera facit, quia qui in eis credunt – Dreams come true for those who believe in them.

  1. Tertium non datur – the third is not given.
  2. Eppur si muove – if it still turns.
  3. Estas en mi corazon – you are in my heart.
  4. Veni vidi vici – came, saw, won.
  5. Flamma fumo est proxima – no smoke without fire.
  6. Fortis fortuna adiuvat – strong luck helps.

  1. Si vis pace para bellum – if you want peace, get ready for war.
  2. Pedes in terra ad sidera visus – feet on the ground to see the stars.
  3. Filius est pars patris – the son is part of the father.
  4. Dei donum libertatis – God’s gift of freedom.
  5. Via veritas et vita – life is the path of truth.
  6. Omnia causa fiunt – everything has a reason.

  1. Fidelitas et virtus – loyalty and strength.
  2. Infragilis et tenera – indestructible th and tender.
  3. Facta sunt potentiora verbis – actions are stronger than words.
  4. Vita brevis – life is short.
  5. Vis vitalis – life force.
  6. Que femme veut dieu le veut – what a woman wants, God wants.

Choosing a place

It won’t matter at all how cool the sketch of your lettering is, if the place for the tattoo is chosen incorrectly. The same applies to the font, but more on that below.

First of all, when choosing an area on the body for a tattoo, you need to build on the meaning of the inscription. To make it clearer what I’m talking about: imagine how good a tattoo in Latin in honor of a deceased relative on the lower back will look.

did not happen, we sketched some thoughts about the inscriptions on different parts of the body.

In recent years, tattoos on the head and face have become fashionable. In the case of the head, the inscription will not look very good. Perhaps somewhere behind the ear or around the neck. But on the face, if we discard all prejudices, the inscription will fit perfectly. The only thing is that it should be one or two short words. Long phrases will not work.

On the front of the body: collarbones, chest, stomach – a tattoo in Latin with any meaning will look good. Same on the ribs and sides. A tattoo with statements about life under the breast, a motivating inscription on the bochin or your name on the collarbone – hit it, you won’t go wrong.

The main thing is to choose a suitable font for sketch and make no mistake with the translation.

On the back of the body, things are a little more complicated. On the back, under the neck and on the shoulder blade, in principle, you can also hit anything. But the loin is a rather delicate place. Family and religious tattoos are definitely not suitable here. Choose the inscription in Latin very carefully among other topics.

I would also like to say a few words about intimate tattoos on the buttocks and pubis. It is better not to beat anything here except for love and humorous phrases. Just like with the lower back, think carefully about the correctness of the choice.

For those who want to get a tattoo on their hands in Latin, I boldly declare – all themes will look good. It doesn’t matter if it’s shoulder, forearm or wrist. Yes, even if the hand or fingers, the meaning of the inscription on the hand can be absolutely any.

Just do not overdo it with the font.

Legs could be classified in the same category as arms, but with a slight adjustment. On the thighs (thighs), hit whatever you want. There are no restrictions here. But below: calves, shins and feet – these areas are recommended not to be filled with tattoos about religion, prayers and quotes from holy books.

For a tattoo in Latin about relatives, it is better to use other parts body, for example, under the heart. Ankles and ankles need not be mentioned – everything is the same.

Male and female fonts

As you know, Latin is the language of the ancient Romans. And it was originally depicted in Gothic script. Therefore, I recommend not to change traditions and beat a tattoo in Latin in the Gothic style. This applies to men and male tattoos.

But gothic style is not suitable for all girls. For feminine tattoos in Latin, calligraphic font can be used. It is quite popular and does not spoil the sketches in the least. Looks pretty and graceful – just like girls like it.

Of course, you can get a tattoo in Latin at least in graffiti. But as you understand, it will turn out to be complete tasteless.

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