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25+ Great Ideas 【Nail Design】 Black 🖤🖤

25+ Great Ideas 【Nail Design】 Black 🖤🖤


The main advantage of a spectacular black manicure is that it can be easily combined with different styles of clothing and makeup. We are talking about fashionable black manicure in 2021, as well as new types of designs for short and long nails, with silver or gold.

In this article, we will talk about which new fashionable black manicure products correspond to modern nail trends, how to implement various options and ideas for nail design, which varnishes are suitable in different situations.

1 TOP 1 Acrylic Black Nails with gold metal ornaments such as pendants and shiny stones
1 TOP 1 Black Acrylic Nails with gold metal ornaments such as pendants and shiny stones
2 TOP 2 Long Black Acrylic Nails, square toe, Matte finish
2 TOP 2 Long Black Acrylic Square toe with Matte finish


We recommend doing a beautiful black manicure design without looking at fashion trends. The general principles and patterns work for black. For example, dark tones move into a cosmetic bag generally closer to late summer and fall. And the fact that the nails were painted black for the models Giorgio Armani, Creatures of the Wind, Lela Rose, Jill Stuart confirms that it should be used in autumn-winter 2021.

3 TOP 3 Some Black Short some with matte and shiny glitter
4 TOP 4 Long Black Nails with white square tip termination shiny
4 TOP 4 Long Black Nails with a square white tip with shiny finishes

Graphic and abstract black manicure.

Black is the color that has become the main color in fashion trends. So do shape graphic manicure active with curves or straight lines. Another option is geometric shapes, so loved by followers of minimalism. Separate the color blocks with black. If you decide to do a abstract black manicure in the spirit of Mondrian’s paintings, use the negative space technique , filling the nail plate.

5 TOP 5 Semi-Long Black Nails square toe matte finish with Inlay Golden queen crown
5 TOP 5 Semi-Long Black Nails with square toe matte finish with Inlay Golden queen crown
6 Short black ones with white geometric triangles and dots lines
6 Short black ones with geometric white lines, triangles and points

Black manicure for different nail shapes.

The beauty of black gel polish is that it can be applied to any shape and length. And it will always be beautiful. In almost any wardrobe there are black things and accessories, and even a small dark belt at the waist will come to life in combination with a black manicure.

Taking into account the fashion for minimalism, the most relevant will be a single color on short square nails and almonds. However, the designs combined with black are simply stunning, and we are forced to make an exception and succumb to these attractive designs and highlights.

7 Very long black ones, square semi-matt acrylic tip
7 Very long black semi-matt acrylic square tip

For short nails

The black color on short nails is practical and elegant. In everyday life, we are constantly floating between different roles. Work, kids, going out, whoever you need to be, short black nails will be on the topic.

The beauty of short nails is that they won’t look flashy even when you decide to go for a run in a tracksuit or walk your dog at night in your favorite warm cardigan. –11–)

Long nails

So that the black color does not look vulgar on long nails, it is important to choose the right shape and take it with due care. The black color accentuates the imperfections of the nail plate.

8 Black Nails Base with shiny silver metallic short square tip
8 Black Nails Base with shiny silver metallic short square tip
9 Nails Long Medium rounded labial a black tone
9 Black Nails Medium Long rounded lipstick in a black tone

Unfortunately, few people can boast perfect black nails, as as they grow back, they often curve to the side or inward. If you decide to get a black manicure, ask your teacher to trim and adjust the shape for the perfect result, and only after that can you afford a black finish.

When choosing a design, keep in mind that long black nails will attract the attention of others and prefer more diluted designs. Like glitter, geometry, minimalism, French, holes.

On sharp nails

We will not advise owners of sharp nails to be more modest. After all, shy women don’t wear such a daring uniform. No matter how society treats this shape, no one will deny that the color black and crisp marigolds are simply created for each other. Black nails are a great field for experimentation. Fiery drawings, artistic paintings, stones, all of this, in crisp black form, is simply mesmerizing.

10 Black Nails Matte Background and glossy lacquer in the Shape of Horns Maleficent Character
10 Black Some Matte Background and glossy lacquer in the form of Horns Maleficent Character

Almond shape

Almonds in black are bold and tasteful. Black adds charm and character. After all, naked almonds and black almonds provoke a completely opposite opinion about their owner. Don’t be afraid to be different, experiment!

11 Matte Black nails and square tips with short shiny ends
11 Matte Black Nails and square tips with short shiny ends

On square nails

The black square manicure fits perfectly into the office and business dress code. Accents in the form of black shoes and hair neatly tied in a ponytail will help to complete the image of a competent and smart employee. And if you also choose the right red lipstick, you will be flawless.

12 Black Nails Matte Background Short with parallel golden metallic stripes and shiny black lacquer stripes
12 Short Black Matte Background with parallel gold metallic stripes and shiny black lacquer stripes
13 Short Black Matte Finish and a shiny glitter detail
13 Some Black Short Matte Finish and a shiny glitter detail

Black Nail Design

What variety of designs are in tandem with black lacquer. They simply cannot be counted. Even at first glance, green or gold nails can turn out black. Black is an indispensable background for rubbing, magnetic gel varnishes. Enhance any pattern and help create the perfect marble effect. We have compiled the best designs and novelties of 2020 and have organized them in a convenient selection by category.

With drawing

Thanks to the black color, the paint on the nails becomes deeper and more voluminous. On a black background, you can achieve a slight veiling effect, and the color of the image itself can be emphasized and enriched. Recently, Instagram has been exploiting a variety of flowers and inhabitants of the sea, made on a black background.

 14 Black Nails with Matte Background and Glossy Lacquer with the shape of an animal print Short
14 Black Some Matte Background and Glossy Lacquer with animal print shape Short


Black with a matte texture reminiscent of velvet. Even without design, matte dark nails are not dull or boring. They are charming and soften the harsh color effect.

We simply cannot fool you, dear readers, and convince you that matte black nails are convenient. They are short-lived, the texture will be velvety for no more than 2 weeks and all the dust and small spots are visible on them. If you apply the cream on the handles, the matte nails will not be as matte. Despite these shortcomings, we recommend trying matte black toenails. Its advantages and appearance will cover all the disadvantages.

Black French

Unlike the classic white jacket, black is more daring and less versatile. It will complement the image, but only if the image itself and its details are carefully thought out. Ideal for brunettes and lovers of black clothes.

If you add rhinestones for a couple of holes, such a manicure will become more festive. By the way, this can not be done immediately, but just before the event, so that you do not have to wear pompous nails in everyday life.


Geometry has captured our minds with its sharp lines and variety of options. Geometry with black manicure is a great ally. The geometry itself evokes a sense of precision and subtlety of taste, while black is a simple and understandable color.


On a black background for marble, diluted white gel polish and glitter are often used. Marble really looks like the natural natural structure of stone. Does not look sticky and intrusive on nails, smooth transitions smooth the impression.

Cat’s eye

There is a separate place in paradise for someone who came up with the idea of applying magnetic gel polishes on a black background. It is absolutely irreplaceable if you want to reach the maximum overflow depth.

When applying a black backing, be sure to work the area under the cuticle, because the black is applied in a single coat. But magnetic shellac is best applied in two coats, for more volume.


Holes are a classic, they are relevant with any color, including black. It is better to leave the place of the hole without color, without highlighting the bright accents. Of course, this is a matter of taste, but we rely on fashion trends that are dictated by minimalism and naturalness.

By the way, a manicure with holes can be used much longer than usual, with them the part that has grown back of the nail not much noticeable. The only caveat is the length. This trick will work only with medium and short nails, we do not recommend using the coating too much in a long length, there is a risk of breaking the nails.


A gradient done only in black, without adding other shades, is not very popular. Because to complete such a design, you need a high qualification from a teacher and honed skills. There is a fine line between a beautiful transition and dirt. This is especially true with black.

Black ombre goes well with:

  • red;
  • blue;
  • burgundy;
  • gray;
  • neon colors.

However, you can use other shades, preferably dark. The main thing between them is to paint an adjacent color, for example, between black and purple, dark blue.


The stripes appeared relatively recently and the girls quickly fell in love with them. They are simple and elegant. Add stripes to a black manicure and they will brighten up any look.

Shiny black nails

Glitter nail designs are quite eye-catching, but the black background adds contrast and the shimmering glitter becomes even lighter and more beautiful.

Yes, we are girls and we love to shine, but more! There is no way to escape from this. Let’s admit this endless love and see how rhinestones, glitter and sparkles can be applied to black nails.

With gold

There are many shiny gold gel polishes, they differ mainly in density. It is up to you to choose warm gold or soft gold. Also, adhesive strips, printing foil, shiny straight lines are used as a gold accent.

With silver

Foil and glitter also serve as silver, but more often as a section from the cuticle to the middle of the nail, this gives it lightness and innocence.

With rhinestones

Rhinestones differ in color, size, and edges, but their main difference is of course in quality. Choose instead of cheap plastic rhinestones from Aliexpress – Svarovski, they will last the whole period of use, will not fade and will not fade.

If you want rhinestones and glitter, black is the right choice. Black will make them look even more beautiful and enhance their fascinating radiance.

With rubbing

In 70% of cases, a black backing will be required for rubbing. Of course, these are no longer all black nails. But without the black gel polish, you can’t cope with the task


Sequins have become classics in recent years. You will not surprise anyone with them. But this does not negate the fact that they simply blend perfectly with black. Gloss of any color, blue or silver, will work equally well on a black backing.

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