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25+ Great Ideas 【Nail Design】 Wine Color 🖤🖤

25+ Great Ideas 【Nail Design】 Wine Color 🖤🖤

Wine manicure: burgundy nails, marsala, designer red wine glass.

Probably, each of us uses wine nails at least once in our life. How can you go through such a rich, deep and attractive color? We’ve collected inspiring photos of a cool wine manicure, burgundy and marsala designs, and themed nail art featuring a wine bottle and glasses. The result is an intoxicating selection!

1 TOP 1 Some Shiny Wine Color with Glitter and others pink with branches and leaves
1 TOP 1 Some Bright Wine Colors with Glitter and others pink with branches and leaves.


2 TOP 2 Some Wine Color with Gold Metal Ornaments gold matching ring with shiny stones
2 TOP 2 Some Wine Color with Gold Metal Trim matching gold ring with sparkling stones

Wine nails look great in a total look, when all the clothes are the same color. Now it is fashionable to do manicure for garments. For example, under a dress, leather jacket, scarf. Do you have a burgundy coat? Do your nails underneath!

3 TOP 3 Some Color Wine some gray color others with glitter gold matte gold and silver base ornaments
3 TOP 3 Some Wine Color, some gray, others with gold glitter, gold and matt silver base ornaments

Other trendy options are the manicure in wine with rhinestones, matte, with gold, with silver, French. And that’s just the beginning of the list. See the ideas below and save the best ones:

1. Marsala wine manicure: matte jacket.

Here it is, the most perfect French manicure for fall …

2. Shade of “Marsala” and ombre.

What a beautiful varnish with fine sparkles! A sight for tired eyes.

3. Matte ombre on nails: from wine to black.

Tired of the glossy finish? Time to add velvety to your nails with a matte top.

4 TOP 4 Some Wine Color with silver strass ornaments one in pink with white squared lines and vico color
4 TOP 4 Some Wine Color with silver rhinestones ornaments one in pink with white squared lines and vico color

4. Plum-wine cat’s eye manicure.

Well now do you understand why cat eye varnishes are so popular now? It looks super cool!

5. Marsala wine manicure with gold.

Gold and wine are a win-win hit, just make sure!

6. Wine glitter nail design.

Choosing a wine manicure for a vacation, but are you afraid it will look too “goth”? Dilute it with lighter shades of pink and sparkles.

5 TOP 5 Some Color Wine Smooth another transparent with plating gold
5 TOP 5 Some Color Wine Plain another transparent with gold plating
6 Some Bright Wine Colors and some pink with gold trim
6 Some Bright Wine Colors and some pink with gold trim

7. Marsala manicure with gray and beige.

Great for casual outfits.

8. Wine-colored manicure with silver.

This wine shade is closer to plum, just what you need for a beautiful sweater-style manicure.

9. White wine manicure.

Burgundy and wine tones go very well with white and silver.

7 Long matte wine color and shiny burgundy glitter
7 Some Matte Wine Color and bright wine color glitter long
8 Unas-Color Bright Wine combined with Pink and Glitter Color Wine Red
8 Some Sparkly Wine Colors combined with Pink and Red Wine Glitter
9 Some Wine Color Lattice with White lines Shiny Silver Ornaments
9 Some Wine Color Lattice with White lines Shiny Silver Trim

10. Wine sweater nail design.

Save this photo for winter break!

11. Wine + silver burgundy nail design

This year’s most perfect geometric moon manicure!

12. Wine nails with “spikes” design.

Classic dark red hue, understated metallic lacquer, dot pattern. Watch and learn how to get a simple yet stylish wine manicure in minutes!

10 Some Golden Wine Colors with Sparkling Glitter
10 Gold Wine Colors with Sparkly Glitter
11 Some Bright Wine Color some with G Litter Gold
11 Some Shiny Wine Color some with Gold Glitter

13. Wine manicure with rhinestones.

The beautiful shape of the nails, the even coating, the shine of the stones – everything is smooth and flawless in this manicure.

14. Simple wine nails with a bright smile line.

If you need to quickly discover some burgundy manicure, completely cover your nails with the base color and apply glitter to the tips. Done!

15. Beautiful wine manicure – butterfly design.

Our editor has already signed up for such a manicure for his teacher. Touched “to the bottom of my soul”!

16. Wine manicure with broken glass design.

The broken glass design does not abandon the trend and the list of the favorite types of manicure for girls in 2020. It looks amazing on a burgundy wine background!

12 Some Wine Color Combined with Gold and Pink Glitter with Reddish streaks
12 Some Wine Colors Combined with Gold and Pink Glitter with Reddish streaks
 13 Some Wine Color some with a pink background and triangular point rhombus with wine color
13 Some Wine Color some with pink background and triangular rhombus tip with wine color
14 Unas Color Vino Some with Pink Background, golden base with glitter
14 Some Wine Color Some with Pink Background, golden base with glitter

17. Wine manicure negative space.

Everything here is also extremely simple. Beautiful wine shade of varnish, “negative space” transparent areas, silver streaks. But it looks so interesting!

18. Floral manicure in wine.

A manicure with fine lines is in no rush to leave its place at the top. A decorative nail will save you from boredom in a manicure, so practice this design frequently.

19. Wine nails with geometric designs.

Remember or keep this idea of a manicure for the future: it is simple, but effective. All you need are burgundy and gold nail polishes and zigzag strips.

15 Some Color Wine One Mat e other shiny ones with Gold Glitter
15 Some Color Wine One Matte others shiny with Gold Glitter

20. Elementary wine manicure with a decorative nail.

The good thing is that such a manicure can be done in infinitely different ways. Starting with the color and texture of the decorative nail and ending with a variety of designs with sequins, rhinestones, patterns, stickers.

21. Contrasting wine manicure.

Try combining a burgundy manicure with blue tones. Just a bomb!

22. Wine manicure and lots of sparkles.

One hundred percent hit on target: to enrich the tone came from the gloss varnish. In addition to the gold zigzags you saw above, add glitter on two more nails, cuticle or tips.

23. Light wine manicure with gold.

There are simply countless options for nail geometry in a burgundy shade!

24. Sand wine manicure.

Combine different textures in your manicure and your manicure will never be boring again!

25. Manicure for long nails: matte nude, burgundy and sparkles.

This nail shape is called “coffin nails” and it is very popular now, especially abroad. So if you want to be like a Hollywood star, find a builder and make this manicure dream come true.

26. Manicure in matte dark wine with gold foil.

The shape is a square with round edges, the base tone is wine, the decoration is gold foil and gold rivets. Fashion is not necessarily pretentious.

27. Nail shaped like a mountain peak in wine tone.

Just an unreal combination of the original nail shape and a bright wine shade. At least post on Instagram!

28. French manicure wine.

French wine manicure was already at number one in the article, this jacket looks like it, but with a slight update. First, the wine tones are a bit warmer, and second, a sparkly accent nail has been added.

29. Burgundy coffin nails with rhinestones.

Interesting nail shape + rhinestones = perfect manicure that will attract the eyes. The formula for successful nail art, remember.

30. Short wine nails.

Short nails deserve to be in wine too! No, not even that. The wine hue on short nails often looks even more organic than on long ones. However, like all dark varnishes. Not aggressive, elegant, orderly.

31. Wine tint and holographic nail polish.

Add a sparkling shine to your wine nails with the holographic nail polish. Even without design, such a manicure is a delight. You must try this season!

32. Manicure in dark wine with a “heart” design.

Idea for Valentine’s Day 2020. Or for a romantic date.

33. Sharp wine stiletto nails.

Stilettos are good on their own, no frills, but in wine tones they are simply inimitable! Add glitter for a festive manicure for special occasions.

34. Wine manicure for short nails with silver.

Pretty short nails, but will give long nails a chance thanks to the perfect gel polish coating and sleek design with silver glitter polish. You can repeat it with ordinary varnishes.

35. Geometric burgundy manicure.

Matte finish, gloss, geometric stretch from dark wine to almost white, rhinestones, too much? No, only in moderation.

Wine nails with themed manicure: wine bottle, glasses, grapes.

Wine nails are not just a red wine stained manicure. So let’s go ahead and look at manicure ideas with a bottle of wine, glasses, grapes and other thematic drawings:

36. Manicure with a glass of wine.

For all true wine lovers!

37. Manicure came “appointment”.

Here’s another message 🙂 Instead of a single wine glass, draw two. Carefully manicure is charged for the appearance of a soulmate in your life!

38. Black nails with wine glass and Minnie Mouse ears.

Very, very cute and beautiful.

39. Matte wine design with wine bottle and glass.

Hmm, these bulky drops of wine! Applause to the teacher for such a spectacular jewel.

40. Manicure with grapes.

This is if you are afraid to overtly paint burgundy burgundy on your nails in a glass. Grapes are a lighter version of the themed manicure for those who like to spend an evening by the fireplace with a glass of wine.


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